8th, March, 2013

Okay, I have a confession… I hate to admit it, but I have been one bad blogger this week. Eek! Though, it has been for good reasons, I promise! The first (and most important!) being that it was my boyfriend, Barnaby’s birthday on Monday! I’ve said it a bunch of times, but Lost in the Haze would honestly be nothing without him! No, really – I’m serious. No photographs, no layout, and no motivation! Yep, he’s a keeper, all right! (P.s. I find it so very bizarre that if you read our blog, you’ve never once seen what he looks like. What a man of mystery, eh!)

That being said – for once, I actually took our camera with us everywhere this week! I hope you enjoy seeing a snapshot of what I’ve been doing. Highlights included the arrival of my blue cat hat and matching bag (c/o Boohoo) and discovering a fairy ring made from mushrooms in the park closest to my house. Aren’t they insane?! As a child I was terrified of disrupting the fairies by entering the circle.. Not much has changed nowadays! They’re pretty to look at, but I simply refuse to step inside. Superstitious?! Me?! Okay, well maybe just occasionally..!

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    • He is SO shy, my goodness! I take photos of him all the time but I’m not allowed to put them up! He says I can share him on the blog via wedding photos when we’re married. P.s. We aren’t even engaged. What a sneak! Haha! x

    • Yep, they’re from BAIT – and comfy too! Though mine are a little less comfy at the moment as they’re getting quite worn out. (I’ve worn them most days for about a year and a half, eek!) x


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