18th, March, 2013

I haven’t really mentioned before – but I am currently in the middle of moving house. (In fact, today is moving day!) The perfect time to downsize my belongings, don’t you think? I’m holding a big clothing sale on this shop-my-closet Instagram feed (username: lostinthehaze_closet). There are plenty of outfits that you would have seen featured on Lost in the Haze before – so be sure to take a look! There is a whole bunch of vintage as well as slightly worn new clothing. Pricing is in USD, and international shipping is $5! I’ll continue to list more goodies over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully I’ll be sending you a package soon! xo

7 Comments on “Shop My Closet on Instagram”

  1. hi there, i do not have an instagram account but i do love the nadinoo dress you’ve got! just wondering what size is it in?


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