31st, August, 2012

Who Else is Feeling Inspired?! 

The anticipation of a new season is always the best; it’s such fun to dream up future outfits in your head. Though I must admit, as wonderful as daydreaming is – Pinterest makes remembering ideas so much simpler! I’m definitely grateful! All summer long, I find myself pinning photographs of oversized faux fur coats, and in winter I’m obsessed with 60s two piece playsuits. The grass is always greener, eh!

This spring I’m feeling so inspired by pink and peachy shades. I wore this simple little outfit today while running about doing all sorts of errands. It was a funny sort of day really – the wind was so very blustery that it barely felt like my city at all! My hat was even swept entirely off my head twice – I opted to carry it in my cat tote (c/o Modcloth) after the latter. I wore my favourite shorts ever – a faux leather peach pair, with a tucked in ASOS playsuit. The ladytie was courtesy of my wonderful sponsor, Flappergirl – and I’m quite in love with the miniature mushrooms!

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  1. I love the back of that top, I’m such a fan of little details like this. You look lovely. I’m totally the same as you when it comes to seasons as well, I spent all winter thinking about wearing florals and no tights but now that I can all I want is my big wintery boots, hats and gloves. Ah well, luckily in Scotland we get every season in a day so I can switch it up as much as I want xo

  2. this is so fresh and yes, i’m inspired, always.

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    a lifestyle blog from Jakarta

  3. Of course, we are in the opposite hemisphere’s so now I am excited about fall colors while you are starting in on pastels! I absolutely love this outfit though, it is one of my favorites! The colors are fresh without being to sugary sweet. The lady tie is adorable! I hope you have a fun weekend planned :)
    xo Hannah

  4. Man, I’m so jealous. Already here in the UK I’m tucked up in a chunky cardie and a denim shirt. I feel so robbed of summer! I love the length of the shorts (and the colour and the fabric…)- it looks really elegant.

  5. I am madly in love with your shorts! They are such a pretty color and I love the high waist. You look amazing in these photos! <3


  6. so, so beautiful! colours work so well together!

    thank you for the comment on my blog, it was a lovely suprise!! xx


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