10th, February, 2011

A Cute Bag!

Today I picked up a beautiful retro style Toyota sewing machine. Not only will I be able to hem my dresses better (and faster!) than I do by hand, but it also came with an oversized leather carry bag! It’s a tiny bit scratched, but oh-so charming!

The dress I’m wearing is a vintage white collared black dress with mesh paneling. The shoes are by Inniu, and the funniest thing is that they’re probably the most comfortable shoes I own! I don’t know how someone made such tall shoes so comfortable, but my feet sure are thankful!

Also, I’m in the process of setting up a twitter account for Lost in the Haze, so be on the lookout – a link should be on the side banner soon!

10 Comments on “Sewing Suitable”

  1. i adore your shoes!!! they are really cool :)
    yay for getting a sewing machine!


  2. Thank you so much everyone! It is one of my favourite dresses – and it only cost $2! Hooray! x -Jo


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