8th, March, 2011

Nautical Nonsense

Do you ever have days where you just feel like dressing like a sailor? Goodness, I have them so often! Today was definitely one of them! I’m wearing a vintage sailor top (complete with shoulder flap detail!) and nautical stripe and chain shorts by Dahlia. I feel as if I should be sailing the ocean, or at least visiting a pier, but instead I am looking after four dogs at home. Three of them are fox terriers, and there is one shih tzu. They were excellent models and were determined to be in the photographs!

12 Comments on “Sea Legs”

  1. You are so gorgeous! That portrait of you is a stunning photo :) And yes, all the time; sailor or ‘french’ styles are my favourites!

  2. These are so beautiful! And haha YES! I love dressing like a sailor i did last week and forced my boyfriend to call me captain all day hehe!

    Your dogs are so cute too <3

  3. I love the dress it’s so cute :) I always wanted like a sailor shirt, I imagine it would go well with a few things in my closet!


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