23rd, October, 2012

A Morning at the Auckland Viaduct Harbour! 

This was my absolute favourite day in Auckland – and the very day that we flew back home too! We had until midday before catching our flight, so decided to spent our time wandering through the Viaduct Harbour. Oh, did I mention it was in search of food? I’m forever craving vegetarian eggs Benedict while on holiday (okay.. and at home too!), so most days involve a quest of some variety to find a pretty place to eat! I’ve never really explored this far before, so discovering a walkway almost entirely covered in stripes was the biggest treat! Almost as if it has been planned – though I swear it wasn’t! – I wore a striped sweater with a boat motif, courtesy of Modcloth. Underneath I was wearing a white playsuit – that I also styled here! Oh, and you must be terribly used to my ASOS sunglasses by now! They’re the only ones I managed to pack, though I must admit – I really do adore them! They’re slightly reminiscent of the infamous round Chanel glasses that Mary-Kate Olsen often wears, or at least I like to tell myself that they are!

We wandered through the Auckland Viaduct Harbour looking at some of the most incredible boats. There was one in particular that we lingered beside for ages. It was so shiny and beautiful – we definitely had one of those ‘if I had a million dollars..‘ type moments! We also spotted a bridge in the distance that I would have loved to explored. We were running quite low on  time, so at least I know where I will visit straight away on our next trip! Oh, and I thought you’d might like to know – I did get my cooked breakfast in the end! Nom nom nom!

14 Comments on “Sea Breeze”

  1. I had to click on over to this post the second I saw it on facebook! Your outfit is SO prefect for your surroundings and that striped walkway is the coolest thing ever! Sometimes the last day of a vacation is the best because you really know you have to soak up every last moment of it, bittersweet! So glad you got your vegetarian eggs Benedict in the end too- I sure could go for that right now!
    Hope you’re having a beautiful day!
    xo Hannah

  2. Absolutely adore your sweater! It’s so lovely! I’m glad you have a great time in Auckland! I’m always craving for eggs Benedict, but mine are easier to find since they aren’t vegetarian…

  3. I used to live in an apartment by that walkway – good times seeing all the boats. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Auckland , I know I love Auckland viaduct!!!


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