19th, December, 2012

Oh, you like my glasses?..Which pair?!

This cardigan makes me all kinds of happy. It arrived in my mailbox last week from the wonderful team at Room31, and I’ve been wearing it as often as possible. It’s been a bit of a struggle really – especially since we’ve been facing temperatures of 30 degrees and more. There have literally been some days where I feel like I could melt down into a teeny tiny little puddle on the floor.. But enough of that! This cardigan! It makes me feel happy to be a glasses-wearer; something I never once thought I would say. After being told when I was eleven that people just “couldn’t imagine with me without my glasses” – that was it. I ¬†completely banned myself from spectacle-wearing! My school years of 12-13 were spent sitting at the front of classrooms to see the board, and squinting at my friends from a distance trying to work out who was who (trust me, not all blurry blobs look the same!)

So here I am. Take a look at this, 11 year old me! I am absolutely covered in glasses. Oh, and I simply adore it too ; )

14 Comments on “Rose-Tinted Glasses”

  1. Haha. I love that cardigan so much. I’ve been wearing specs since I was in 2nd grade as well so I think I’ve earned the right to own a cardigan of this caliber! :)

  2. I think your glasses are wonderful! I would love my next pair to be that exact same shape. They’re so retro and cute. The glasses print cardigan is pretty amazing too.

  3. Ahh glasses, been wearing them since I was 10, although I needed them at age 9. My teachers sat me closer to the board, thinking that would be the right trick. Pffft.
    The glasses that look like Harry Potter glasses are my favorite. =D


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