16th, October, 2015


Roll up, roll up!

Being an enormous ‘Fear and Loathing’ fan, you can bet that Circus Circus was high up on my must-see list. We had rewatched F&L a week or so before take off, and it was crazy seeing just how similar Circus Circus was to it’s counterpart, Bazooko’s Circus.

Fun fact: did you know that Circus Circus wouldn’t let Fear and Loathing film at their location? And fair enough too; Hunter S. Thomson’s description didn’t exactly put it in a positive light, eh?

We found out pretty early on from talking to locals that Circus Circus is thought of as a run down, kind of trashy establishment – but because it is basically the polar opposite to anything even remotely close in New Zealand, we fell in love. And we fell hard. The iconic clown sign (terrifying, yet so good) was one of my favourites during our entire trip, not to mention the incredible lit up signage out the front of the building.

I couldn’t help but snap some photos directly outside, as cars and RVs pulled in to experience the magic.. and luckily we got some photos inside too – well, in-between all of the gaming, of course!

DressLindy Bop / Silver flats (old, similar here) – Chicwish


And of course, we popped inside too! It was seriously one of the BEST things I did on our entire Las Vegas trip. I’m ridiculously obsessive about games. When Barnaby and I first started dating we would constantly head to Time Zone to play video games. This was a complete step up as it was really, really easy to win prizes! I ended up walking out with three toy lobsters (pictured below!), a teddy bear, and one extremely phallic looking cactus. And there’s basically no way of topping that!

…Unless of course, I mention the revolving carousel restaurant and free circus displays! Oh man, I loved Circus Circus. Definitely pop in for a visit if you’re nearby – and remember to bring lots of quarters!


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