28th, January, 2015


This is one of my favourite times of the year – when the red flowers on the native New Zealand Pohutukawa trees appear. I love it how you can instantly spot the red flowers in a cluster of trees – and how perfect that they usually arrive around Christmas-time too . This year we’ve been extra lucky – as they’ve been blooming well into late January, and I honestly couldn’t feel more grateful!

All of the sunshine lately has made me feel like exploring, which is basically my favourite thing ever! When we stumbled upon this winding path through the trees, it almost felt like we were entering a whole other world. But hey, if other worlds mean that trees are bright red, and that wild daisies grow every couple of metres, then sign me up! (& I’ll even bring my red ribbon too!)

Dress – Whiteplum / Shoes – Cocorose London


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