4th, May, 2012

Red. Blue. & Yellow 

I was reading a magazine article last week that said most people dress predominantly in black. It seemed like a fairly ridiculous claim, but looking around I was actually quite shocked to see that it was almost true! It seemed to stir something deep within me – either that or I’m trying to convince myself that we’re not headed towards the colder seasons – but I have definitely been hooked on bright colours since. Today’s outfit was mostly the result of lovely Barnaby paying me in ASOS vouchers for some work I did for him. The hat and playsuit were both ‘payment’, and the bag belongs to a vintage Kodak camera. The tights were from Foot Traffic, and the shoes were courtesy of PBJ Boutique.

It seems like forever since we’ve been on a pretty woodland visit. It’s usually my natural habitat (!) but a grumpy car has put an end to that for now! We haven’t even mustered up a decent walk either – as most of my time has been spent stocking the vintage store! On the bright side, I had incredible luck thrifting today; I just know that you will love the vintage update next week!

35 Comments on “Primary Instinct”

  1. I love your hair, and the vintage kodak bag is such a cute touch! lovely photography too!

  2. I hardly ever where black, but I understand the appeal. I LOVE your mustard tights and those shooooooooooes!!!! The blue dress is, of course, adorable as well.

  3. This is such a fantastic outfit! The colors you’re wearing are so inspiring. The playsuit is to die for. Such a well put together and thought out look. :]

  4. OOh love these colours, really pretty!
    We really need to stop including so much black in our wardrobes!
    Cara x

  5. rebelrousher

    I love your outfit! Very cute, especially your shoes :)


  6. ohh your hat is too cute! & i feel the same when the weather gets more gloomy sometimes i just dress like it’s spring anyway to try and will it to happen, haha.

  7. Oh my gosh Jo, I absolutely LOVE this look! The playsuit and the hat are amazing on you and I adore how you combined them with mustard tights and shoes. Aaaaahhh…is there any outfit that you don’t style perfectly? I don’t think so <3

    Life is a romantic poem

  8. Your hat is just gorgeous! I definitely used to be one who wears at least one piece of black clothing everyday, but I’ve found that more recently I’ve been swapping black for navy blue, and it makes such a difference! My outfits always look a lot more cheerful!

  9. You look gorgeous, as usual! Cannot wait to check out your new vintage goodies in the shop. I love that you are defying the black trend with and bringing a little more color and cheer to the world! Hope you are having a lovely Monday!
    xo Hannah

  10. I love the colour of this playsuit, may have to take a trip to their site again… I’m definitely trying to embrace more colours, I think it’s important to keep wearing and playing around with it all year round.

  11. michelle kye

    nice color blocking, thank you for stopping by my blog, mykye. you have very cute fashion sense


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