23rd, August, 2014


Let’s be honest: one of the very best bits of travelling, namely, to hot place, is getting to go for a good ol’ swim. After growing up in South-East Asia I’m very particular (aka fussy!) about my swimming water. I love swimming, but basically avoid it in New Zealand because it’s just too dang cold! Swimming was on the very top of my list of things to do in Las Vegas, and let me tell you, it definitely did not disappoint.

After packing a whopping 5 swimswuits in my bag, I ended up wearing just this one. The high waist bottoms are by ASOS and reminded me so much of Robin Thicke’s infamous Miley Cyrus duet – cue lots of “girl, give it to me!” impressions at the pool (sorry, bystanders!) Really though, swimming in our hotel pool was one of my favourite experiences. We laid back in the spa, Corona in hand, and watched a real-life hummingbird gather nectar from the surrounding flowers. Paradise? Well, it was pretty darn close! ♥

Bikini bottomsASOS / Bikini top – Siren Swimwear



15 Comments on “Poolside”

  1. Absolutely love those bather bottoms! It’s an unusually warm day here in Melbourne for this time of year, and it’s got me in a summer-shopping mood. I really think I might buy these.. thanks for the post :)

    Anne xx

  2. Love your poolside outfit! Loving the high waisted bikini bottoms at the moment, they look so 60s vintage & chic! I wish I looked this nice by the pool, my attire is usually hair up in a messy bun, no make up and streaks of white from my sun cream! Oh dear!


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