6th, January, 2013

Do you fancy a taste of this brew?

We’ve served up something sinister in the form of bubbling green liquid – garnished with an ever-appropriate serving of ivy.. Okay, I’ll admit – it may be nothing more than a vibrantly coloured fizzy drink, and I might not have even dared to try it with or without the garnish (one sniff was enough for me, thank you..!) but it does make a perfect addition as our ‘poison’, don’t you think?

As soon as this glimmering Motel bustier (c/o Zalando) arrived on my doorstep, one colour especially stood out for me. Any guesses? Green of course! Amidst the multicoloured sparkle is a bright shade of emerald green – a colour I love! It was the perfect shade to match this hidden ivy patch. I clamoured so far into the ivy that it started to grow all over me. Luckily I escaped just in time, phew!

35 Comments on “Poison Ivy”

  1. I love the pictures! Looks so cool!
    Oh and Jo I have a question! I’m finally flying to New Zealand again tomorrow but as I haven’t been there in more than three years some things may have changed. Could you recommend any cool shops in Auckland where I can go shopping? :)

    Regards from Iceland <3

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. LOVE YOURS! These photos are SO amazing. Lovely soft colours and that top is sooo pretty.

    Angie (www.sundaybelle.com)

  3. Wow – such beautifully done photos, haven’t seen anything like it on here. Great start to the year


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