29th, March, 2013

Phew, hello there! “Hm, who’s this?” I hear you ask. Oh go on, it hasn’t been that long… has it? I do have an excuse – no really, I promise – a good one too! I’m moving CITY! Perhaps my little trip to Wellington a couple of weeks ago let you in on my little secret? Everything ended up quite wonderfully with our lease – so here comes the move! I am SO excited!

So yep, I’ve been a bad blogger. Livin’ in jeans and oversized tops; you know the sort! I’ve been blogging in theory though, mind you! I’ve been dragging my guy, Barnaby out to snap photographs – and to some particularly beautiful places too! So what’s been holding me up? The internet! We’ve been struggling with a ridiculously slow connection, which means no photo uploading, no twitter, nothing! Just the odd gaze at Facebook and emails – when I’m feeling particularly patient. So if you’ve been waiting for a response from me, I’m really sorry! I’ll be connected in just a few days, so responses, blogging, and general internet presence (yippee!) will be trickling out over the next week. I can’t WAIT! See you soon!

12 Comments on “Playing Catchup”

  1. How exciting! Sad to loose a fellow Christchurch blogger, but so excited for your new adventures! Wellington is wonderful, Can’t wait for some Wellingtonian posts!
    xoxo Amie @ Spoonful of Vintage

  2. Congratulations Jo!! It must be so exciting to be moving to a new place! I hear Wellington is a lovely place and I know that they have ah-mazing vintage stores there.

  3. How exciting Miss! I hope the move goes super well! My sister and her boyfriend lived in Wellington for just over a year and absolutely loved it, I have no doubt you will too :-)


  4. Congratulations on your move, that is so exciting! Can’t wait to see some of the outfit photos you have been storing up xo


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