22nd, October, 2011

Please Don’t Feed the Plants!

Pitcher plants have always been a huge fascination for me. They are a carnivorous plant which stores sticky nectar in it’s vase shaped form. Ants wander inside, and bam! That’s it! As a child, I would love to peek inside to see whether they had caught anything or not. On my second day back in Brunei, Mum was kind enough to take us to a pitcher plant hot spot! I had a great time revisiting one of my favourite plants, and Barnaby was able to see them for the first time ever! It was so much fun returning to jungle – as I was an avid jungle runner for over ten years! I’m planning on going for a run next Friday; I truly can’t wait!

15 Comments on “Pitcher Perfect”

  1. Pitcher plants are fascinating, aren’t they? I’ve been frequenting this plant conservatory near my house since I was a little girl. One of the rooms has a bunch of Venus flytraps, and I remember staring at them as a child, hoping that they’d catch something while I watched!

    On a fashion-y note, I love the vibrant colors of your dress; they play well off the lush green plants. :)

  2. What amazing plants! It really sounds like a different world over there compared to what I’m used to, thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Those plants are so fascinating! I’ve seen them on Planet Earth!! What a gorgeous place, I looked up where Brunei is and it is so cool that you are there, blogging, and looking so cute! :) Jungle running sounds insanely amazing!! Really enjoying reading about your adventures…

    Take care, gorgeous!

  4. You look so pretty Jo! I love the pretty colors of your dress, those sandals and your braids are so lovely!


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