19th, May, 2015


Oh my gosh, guys! I’m wearing something tight.. and in public too! This is a seriously big moment for me (one that is much appreciated by my other half) and seriously got me thinking the question; body-con or body-conscious?

I’ve never been one to be self-conscious about my weight – even when I weighed around 14kg more than I do presently (what can  say, the student diet didn’t work for me!) Even though I don’t get too hung up on looks, I do find it really hard to get into tight clothes and go about my daily life… It. Just. Feels. Like. Everyone. Is. Looking.

Usually, wearing tight clothing really gets to me.. And fair enough, I might add! I don’t know whether it’s getting older, or what, but I’ve decided I’ll give anything a go; whether it’s something that would usually fit the bill, or the complete opposite (in this case, the latter). The best thing about this experience was that I felt like a total bombshell! I decided to ignore everyone around me, and completely dress for myself. And I loved it. And I’ll totally do it again. And it was awesome. Plus, I can see that my time at the gym lately is really paying off. And that makes me feel really good.

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5 Comments on “Pinky”

  1. Pat Schwab

    You look fantastic and what is most important is how you feel!

  2. Awesome outfit! I often get self conscious when I wear something tight. It’s nice to mix it up once in a while though :) Love that purse!

  3. That dress is fab on you!! Don’t listen to what the haters say, you’re awesome!?


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