18th, February, 2012

Perfect for a Lazy Day!

I have been such a busybody this week! Never ever have I felt so incredibly grateful for the weekend; I only wish it was longer! To celebrate a day off, and sunny weather too, we ventured out for an afternoon walk. The dress I’m wearing was courtesy of United Styles – and actually designed by me! I adore 1960s fashion, so tried to encompass it in my design through adding a white pan collar and matching sleeves. Yellow is my favourite colour ever, and I was smitten with the print. It reminds me of hot weather and summery picnics; so I was sure to accessorize it with a Modcloth peanut butter and jam (jelly!) sandwich wallet. My opaque white tights are from ASOS, and the bag is a vintage Kodak. I wore 1980s boater shoes which were so perfect for tiptoeing through the still-wet grass; pure bliss!

44 Comments on “Picnic Dress”

  1. Hahaha oh my gosh, my friend has that PB and J wallet! Although, she uses it as a pencil case! This post is so cute

    xx Carina

  2. thx for the comment Jo =) yes, I really love Karen Walker sunnies too. they are sooo trendy !! I like the cross-checkered pattern of your petite dress, and I think it suits perfectly with those stockings.

    Style Hostess

  3. That is a lovely dress, I love yellow too, and checkers and gingham as well! It’s such a cheerful look, I love it!

  4. you are always darn cute!…looking at your most recent posts makes me realize that i need more pretty dresses in my life! :)


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