9th, June, 2011

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Trixie Delicious is one very talented lady. She decorates porcelain with her witty words and charming drawings. I actually own several pieces by Trixie. And I gifted some of her ‘poison teacups’ to my mother-in-law for her birthday. Trixie is another New Zealander, which is why I was so excited to interview her! Be sure to check out her Etsy Shop to take a look at some of her beautiful pieces!

To begin with, tell us about yourself and what you do!

I trained as an artist in the late 80s and have a BFA in sculpture from Elam School of Fine Arts Auckland University. I exhibited for years then moved into visual design and multimedia for a while. I have a family – my son is 20 my daughter 16. Trixie Delicious is a full time job now after 5 years or so.

When did you begin your porcelain decorating empire and what was it that inspired you?

I’m not sure it’s an Empire but I have had a lot of great press over the last few years which has elevated my profile online. I first developed the porcelain painting on vintage china about 5 years ago but as a sculptor in my early days I had dabbled in various ceramic applications. I’ve always been into recycling with my early work and like to use a mix of materials.

Do you work alone or have a team helping you?

I work alone but hubby does most of the china buying at auctions as it is the most time consuming aspect. I wait patiently to see what comes in every week.

How do you go about decorating your porcelain?

I can’t give too many of my design secrets away but essentially I hand paint the text and drawings on – they bond for more than 12 hours and then they are baked in a moderate oven. Often the china suggests the word or image I use.

Do you have a favourite piece that you have made?

I have had many favourites. My Seven Deadly Sins sets are a totally original and unique idea so I would go with them.

You have such beautiful font types for your dishes, do you design them yourself?

They are traditional fonts really as that is what suits the china so I haven’t really branched out into creating my own fonts as yet. Not enough hours in the day….

How does it feel knowing that you have celebrity fans, such as Lady Gaga or Christina Aguilera?

Gaga was given a teacup of mine so I don’t know that she is a fan but Christina bought a couple of my erotic plates in Los Angeles so I guess she likes them!

I’ve noticed that you’ve branched out to do more pieces focusing on the human form rather than just text. What inspired you to do this?

I actually started with hairdo and skull drawings back in 2007 and would like to do more but the word items have stolen the show as they are more provocative.

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  1. this is so awesome! hope she gets super successful because this is such a great idea!

    ps. love her top knot too :)

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)
    I’m loving your site. But you didn’t seriously give your m-i-l poison teacups did you …. is she still your m-i-l lol.

  3. Her designs are incredible and I love the fonts she used! Very elegant! I hope to buy some of her plates one day! xoxoxoo

  4. That first photo is so great! I love the plates you chose :) Her deadly sins plates are amazing too!!
    Thanks for all your lovely comments recently by the way, so glad i have some time to visit your pretty little blog again 😀

  5. these are amazing, i really love the seven deadly sins set! seriously cool idea, and ace interview. thanks for sharing!

    elle x

  6. i’m dying over the goodness of these! they are amazing, truly!!!

    i’ve been learning a lot about New Zealand recently, my new boss is from there and tells me some incredible tales. one day i’d love to visit the beauty too.


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