30th, August, 2012

For The Birds! 

Want to hear some exciting news? I’m currently the featured blogger on PBJ Boutique! We shot these photographs on a murky morning several weeks ago – a Saturday or Sunday I think, judging by the road cone perched on the car in the photo above! Ah, what a wonderfully mature neighbourhood, eh! I was asked to style an outfit for PBJ Boutique – so I opted for a look that works for both hemispheres! I styled the Singing with the Birds dress with red wedge heels by Seychelles. The rose-textured cardigan will be a spring favourite (I can just tell!) – I’ve been wearing it almost non-stop for the last few days! I topped the look off with a vintage grey beret and a side braid. Thanks again, PBJ Boutique!

19 Comments on “PBJ Boutique”

  1. That’s a cardigan? It’s beyond lovely!
    And you look cute with the hat.

    From the desk of
    a lifestyle blog from Jakarta

  2. Ooh, well done for getting featured! I love this outfit so much, the cardigan is so beautiful!

    Pip x

  3. Oh my, that top is so beautiful! I love the flowers, makes it look so interesting and feminine 😀 Great styling!

  4. Love this outfit, you look gorgeous! That dress is so cute. Loving the road cone in the car in the background too, someone had a fun night… xo

  5. I am in love with that cardigan! I need to see if I can DIY that sometime since I used to make those types of fabric flowers and sell them. I didn’t even notice that cone on the car until you pointed it out. How funny! You look adorable! <3


  6. Man oh mannn do I love your style! That skirt is so cute, but this whole look is so romantic and quirky. And I see you have We Live Upstairs as one of your sponsors- I love that blog!!

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