21st, July, 2012

Saturday, I Sure am Glad to see Your Face!

It was a warm morning (though it’s certainly chilly now!) and it seemed like the perfect time to wear the fourth and final outfit from our collaboration with 8000 Nerves. I always adore animals on my clothing and accessories; it feels like a wee companion following you about for the day! This dress is absolutely no exception. Pandas have a particularly special place in my heart; I have a beloved thirty-year-old stuffed panda toy, my dad gave it to my mum when they were in their twenties – and now it’s mine! It makes me harbor extra love for this little fellow on my top – and who could resist that heart-shaped eye patch!

I paired the dress with my always-reliable faux fur jacket. I wear it constantly – I swear it is single handedly getting me through winter! The black mohair hat is also vintage, and the t-bar flats were courtesy of bait footwear.

25 Comments on “Panda-monia in Pink”

  1. Jo, how do you manage to look so perfect in every post!? I love this outfit, and I finally those same t-strap flats! I love them so much and I love seeing the great ways you style them!

    • How exciting! They are so lovely, eh! I am forever rotating between my two pairs. I can’t wait to see how you style yours! x

  2. That top is adorable, I love how you managed to wear a slightyly childish top and make it look slightly more grown up. Cute but practical. I love that final photo too, looks fantastivc xo

  3. love this outfit! that lipstick is so pretty on you, and i’m coveting those maryjane flats. :O) and i WISH it would get chilly here…it’s been over 100 for a month now and i’m losing my will to live…

  4. Beautiful! I really do like that shirt. I need some T shirts that are fun but can be dressed up like that. I have all blouses right now. No fun. :p

    Lynn a.k.a. Dylan

  5. I wanted to buy this dress as soon as I saw it! It looks wonderful on you! It is a great outfit, love the faux fur!

  6. how great are faux fur jackets?! i have a couple that i’ve picked up and i swear i wear one of them almost every day, they are SO warm!

  7. So cute and pretty in pink lady :)

    I adore your little mary jane shoes!




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