29th, September, 2015


If you’re from Wellington – or have even visited for that matter, there’s a fairly good chance you’ve bumped into this group of houses which I affectionately call the Seven Sisters of Wellington. Much like their famous counterparts in San Francisco, these seven sweet abodes are lined up in a cute little row, and all painted within a particular colour scheme – a definite nod to the infamous Painted Ladies.

While they proved awfully (x10000!) difficult to photograph, I’d like to think that we managed to capture an essence of what makes these houses just so darn sweet. As always, while we were there we spent the entire time talking about which one we’d like to live in (the purple one with the round window, thanks!) – although the million dollar plus price tag might make the dream just a leetle hard to reach anytime soon.. Any excuse to keep ‘investing’ in those Lotto tickets though, eh!

I wore my latest Pepa Loves purchase – this dress which features some misshapen leopards – which of course only adds to their charm, of course! I wore my Swedish Hasbeen zip boots (these babies have seriously gotten me through the colder months) paired with one of my favourite vintage hats. With the sea views on one side and the Painted Ladies on the other, my mind was definitely drifting towards San Francisco thoughts.. which I suppose is the perfect time to tell you I’m off to America again next year! Not SF at this point – but you never knoooow!

Dress and Cat Bag – Pepa Loves / Hat – Vintage / Glasses – Polette / Socks – Tabbisocks / Clog BootsSwedish Hasbeens



8 Comments on “Painted Ladies”

  1. They look very cute indeed! Houses in colonial style are what I imagine when I think of New Zealand, even though i’ve no idea how correct that is 😀

    • There are some really, really cute colonial houses in New Zealand – you’re right! x

  2. You should think about coming to SF! Theres a ton of stuff to do here in the bay and it’s so beautiful!!

    • I really, REALLY want to! SF is one of the places I MOST want to go. Hopefully next year goes according to plan and I manage to pop by! x

  3. Claire Foy

    Hi Jo
    I love this dress!! Love your whole outfit.
    I looked on the Pepa Loves website but it doesn’t tell me how much shipping costs…can you please tell me? I live in Auckland NZ :)
    Thanks so much!


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