8th, October, 2017


The weekend after visiting Wat Pa Phu Kon, we set out on our next temple-filled adventure. Unlike our previous trip, which was a two hour drive, this giant Buddha was only 45 or so minutes from home.

The biggest problem I actually had was finding out what this place was called. I’d seen photos of it around Udon, but nowhere seemed to say it’s name. It took a whole lot of Googling (I’m talking 20+ minutes here!) and visiting all kinds of weird Thailand forums. Just to find the name. The coordinates were really vague too, so I just kind of crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. And we totally made it (which you’ve no doubt figured out).

And just so you happen to be cruising around Northern Thailand and want to visit: it’s called Wat Phu Thong Thep Nimit. Oh, and to save you on Googling, there’s a map here.


It was so exciting when we first approached the hill and spotted Buddha right on top. It truly is enormous; even bigger than it appears in the photos. We drove our car as high up as we could, and parked at the bottom an extremely grand staircase adorned with sparkly green detailing.

Oh, and if you’re wondering – yes, I totally did count the steps. I can’t quite remember how many there were, but it was upwards of 150. 158 possibly.

It felt truly humbling being a part of something so impressive. Locals were paying their respects and making offerings. We did the same and lit some candles before bowing in front of Buddha.


I think what was most surprising, was this incredible structure has been so close to us this entire time. I genuinely had no idea it was so close! 45 minutes isn’t far at all, so if you’re heading to Udon Thani in Northern Thailand, you should absolutely make the drive. It really does have to be seen to be believed.

And of course, it’s already got me excited for our next temple adventure. I’ve heard rumours of a temple in a cave and you can only enter by a small beam of daylight peaking through a hole. It sounds intriguing.. Time to get Googling again, I suppose!


27th, September, 2017


Ugh, I love this dress SO much! I’ve mentioned countless times that I am obsessed wth ruffles – and between the pastel blue and the shoulder details – this little numbers obviously this ticks all the boxes! I’ve had it up my sleeve (clothes pun, woo!) for a couple of months now, after picking it up from my beloved Shopbop. Luckily it covers my tattoos for work, but I will say it’s mighty hot – especially in the Thai heat!

What makes me really happy about this photo is definitely how dang happy I look! We went out and I tried to be all blogger-like and cute.. then I decided it’s WAY more me to just dance down the street, waving my hat through the air. And we got it. And I feel darn cute!

Speaking of cute thing – aaand Shopbop – they are having a whopping sale (I’m talking 20-30% here!) so you know where I’ll be. I snagged a bunch of cute goodies for my holiday next month. I’m heading to a beach, and I’m pretty sure you can tell through my choices! Talk about beach themed! Anyway, scroll down the tiniest amount to see my favourites (which will be in my clammy hands in no time!) or use the coupon code, EOTS17 yourself at the checkout. Go on, take a browse! I’m sure you’re at least tempted by the flamingo swimsuit!


Coconut clutch (sold out) / Inflatable pool banana / Pineapple tumbler / Flamingo swimsuit / Madewell sandals / Palm tree wrap dress