8th, March, 2011

Nautical Nonsense

Do you ever have days where you just feel like dressing like a sailor? Goodness, I have them so often! Today was definitely one of them! I’m wearing a vintage sailor top (complete with shoulder flap detail!) and nautical stripe and chain shorts by Dahlia. I feel as if I should be sailing the ocean, or at least visiting a pier, but instead I am looking after four dogs at home. Three of them are fox terriers, and there is one shih tzu. They were excellent models and were determined to be in the photographs!

3rd, March, 2011

Parks and Recreation

As I’m sure you can imagine, things are pretty hectic here! My boyfriend and I are staying at his Dad’s house as our flat is within the city cordon. We managed to gain access last week, so I have a few more possessions! Definitely a relief, as I all I had was a pair of dungarees and my boyfriend’s clothes! At the moment we are flat hunting, so crossing our fingers that something comes up soon!

We have both been super stressed lately, so decided to was time to ‘escape’ it all and take some pretty photos. I wore one of my favourite dresses; a vintage 1960s cut out scalloped shift dress. It is the most divine beige, and features such dreamy embroidery! We ventured to a recreational park close to where we are staying. The park is called The Groynes (which always makes me laugh!) We sat by the river and watched the ducks. After some time, two pukeko (New Zealand swamp hen) ventured over and tried to blend in with the ducks! It was very cute, and definitely a great way to spend the afternoon. Here are some photos:

I also wanted to thank everyone for all of the supportive comments. They have really meant a lot at this difficult time, thank you.