1st, May, 2011

Around the block we go!

Oh, these old things? These are my beautiful white and pink rollerskates. I bought them with money I received on my birthday. I have been so excited waiting for them to arrive, so took them out for a spin immediately. I hadn’t realized that they would be so much trickier than rollerblades! I’ll definitely have to invest in some knee pads – ouch!

We ventured further than just round the block today; we actually drove through the edge of Christchurch city for the first time in a few months.  It is very bizarre seeing massive buildings reduced to piles of rubble. The building below is the Christchurch Basilica. It is absolutely beautiful – and I’m not sure whether they are going to be able to save it or not. Here’s me crossing my fingers!

On a lighter note…

Bonus photograph of me about to fall over!

28th, April, 2011

Nom nom nom!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Mine was lovely – but very quiet! My birthday was a public holiday (though I hadn’t realized!) I went for a drive in search of a delicious breakfast, not realizing that everything was shut! So end the end my rumbling tummy opted for McDonalds breakfast. Naughty!

I did have a lovely birthday though. I received some wonderful presents (from equally wonderful people!) This included some amazing chocolately Easter goodness. Yum!

In shop news, new garments have been added to the Trademe Store. For any other New Zealanders out there; definitely check it out! There are some goodies in there – especially the dotted swallow print puff shoulder jacket bellow!