10th, May, 2011

Drumroll, Please…

Lost in the Haze now has a free iPhone app! It is a cute little app which updates with the latest blog posts and Etsy listings. It also features behind the scenes photographs which are exclusive to the app. So if you’re an owner of an iPod touch, an iPhone, or an iPad, please get downloading!

I also wanted to say a massive thank you to all of my wonderful new followers! The blog is nearing fifty followers which is ridiculously exciting! If you haven’t already, please:

8th, May, 2011

The City of Sails

I’m back home after a whirlwind four days in the big smoke, Auckland. We went up to express our inner teeny boppers by attending the Katy Perry concert! It was a truly wonderful trip. We stayed at the Hilton (!!) which is on the waterfront. The Auckland Hilton is truly spectacular – it was built to look like a giant ship! For a nautical enthusiast like me, it was simply heaven! We had an amazing view over the ocean, and boats were constantly going past. Barnaby and I were constantly calling one another to the balcony to look at all of the different sea¬†vessels! And to top it all off it turns out Katy was staying in the room above us! We tried to be discrete stalkers, and came up with countless reasons to visit the lobby or go on the lifts, but to no avail; no Katy was found! Boo!

We took so many photographs on our mini holiday. So many in fact, that this post will have to be split into two I think! Here are some pretty things that were noticed in New Zealand’s biggest city: