20th, May, 2011

The Edge of the City

I was definitely channeling the 1970s today when we went for a visit to one of Christchurch’s biggest (I think!) man made lakes! I  actually thrifted this skirt yesterday; I couldn’t resist it’s Parisian colour scheme! It was such a pretty sunny day, and it didn’t take long before I was sitting down on the grass and having a little sunbathe. I realized after we arrived there that I should have brought things for a picnic! Boo! The good news is that it means we will definitely have to venture back there again!

17th, May, 2011

Want Want Want!

Now is definitely the time to start saving your pennies! Here is the beautiful new collection from  UK goddess, Nadinoo. Nadia Izruna has created absolute dream clothing. The collection consists of floral prints, sailor influence, and my favourite; playsuits! My top pick is the Pixie goes Sailing dress. I think I might save for this dress for my graduation at the end of the year – I can never resist sailor charm when it comes to clothing!