2nd, April, 2011

Supersize Me

Today, Barnaby’s Dad brought home the most magnificent apple. It really is huge – as in half the size of my face! I just couldn’t resist sharing it. Of course I ate it right after the photograph was taken – and was full for absolutely ages afterwards!

In other news, I have somewhere to live! It is an actual 1970s unit, and it really is like being in a time warp! There is genuine 70s wallpaper on every wall. Of course, I adore it! We move in next week, I can’t wait!

24th, March, 2011

My apologies for the lack of blogging lately, I have certainly had a lot on my plate! I thought it would be best to compile my week into a post:

Toadstool Tales

Yesterday Barnaby’s Dad brought home the most terrific toadstool. It was absolutely enormous; as in bigger than my hand! Apparently there is a cluster of them out in the country, so an excursion is definitely on the cards! Stay tuned for photographs!

Wedding Fever

My brother is getting married tomorrow! And to add to the excitement I’m a bridesmaid! We were allowed to pick our own dresses, and I chose a coral pink scalloped Asos dress. It is so pretty! Above is a sneak peek, I’m looking forward to showing you the final the look!

Winged Heels

Several days ago, some divine winged Vivienne Westwood heels flew into my letterbox. I’m sure most fashion bloggers will have seen them, but words can’t describe how impressive they are in person – and so comfortable too! I bought them to wear with my bridesmaid dress tomorrow. I definitely feel as if I’m channeling Hermes!