19th, May, 2015


Oh my gosh, guys! I’m wearing something tight.. and in public too! This is a seriously big moment for me (one that is much appreciated by my other half) and seriously got me thinking the question; body-con or body-conscious?

I’ve never been one to be self-conscious about my weight – even when I weighed around 14kg more than I do presently (what can  say, the student diet didn’t work for me!) Even though I don’t get too hung up on looks, I do find it really hard to get into tight clothes and go about my daily life… It. Just. Feels. Like. Everyone. Is. Looking.

Usually, wearing tight clothing really gets to me.. And fair enough, I might add! I don’t know whether it’s getting older, or what, but I’ve decided I’ll give anything a go; whether it’s something that would usually fit the bill, or the complete opposite (in this case, the latter). The best thing about this experience was that I felt like a total bombshell! I decided to ignore everyone around me, and completely dress for myself. And I loved it. And I’ll totally do it again. And it was awesome. Plus, I can see that my time at the gym lately is really paying off. And that makes me feel really good.

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17th, May, 2015


So, around a week or so ago something MASSIVELY EXCITING happened. It all started when I entered a lucky draw to win the ABC flats on Alix’s blog, the Cherry Blossom Girl. I put in my entry and thought nothing of it; because, you know, that’s what happens with giveaways. Last week I had woken up just after 5am, and during my sleepy state I checked my emails. Let’s just say, it was the ultimate wake-up, as there was no way whatsoever that I was falling asleep again!

Charlotte Olympia’s latest offering (and my new favourite footwear!), the ABC flats, come with 26 symbols, all of which correspond with the complete set of leather alphabet letters (take a look at the ABC guide below!) Each leather appliqué can be used only once, due to the adhesive on the back, so remember to choose wisely! I’m currently leaning towards my namesake, Jo (fun fact: Jo also means ‘sweetheart’!) but I need to find a way to squeeze in some cute symbols too! I mean, have you seen that little paper sailboat?! Too cute!

Thank you again, Alix, and Charlotte Olympia! There really couldn’t be a more fitting (teehee, footwear pun!) pair of shoes for an early childhood teacher – as I sing the ABC song at least once a day!

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