25th, June, 2017


Err, so you may have noticed that I am definitely a sucker for anything novelty (the lemon purse kind of adds to it, right?) It all started when I came across The Pommier; an online marketplace with a massive focus on independent makers and emerging creators. I’m all about supporting talented individuals who create their very own designs (how could you not be?!) and the deal was well and truly sealed when I spotted these Pretzel earrings by Poporcelain.

If you’re a long time reader (hi!) you may have spotted that I don’t often sport earrings. They usually make my ears itch, unless they’re made of high quality metal – and yes, these gold plated pretzels do the trick. Plus, I suppose I just don’t care for earrings (please say this in the absolute snootiest voice you can manage). A pair have to be really, really good for me to say yes.

Clearly, these pretzels absolutely ARE THAT GOOD. The second I spotted them I knew I had to have them. Pretzels are ridiculously tasty! And since you don’t come across them terribly often in Thailand, wearing them is definitely the second best option. A little more about the earrings themselves; they’re handcrafted from genuine porcelain, which means everyone is slightly different (how awesome is that?!) The salty sprinkles are made from gold, as well as the rose that holds it in your ear.

I was also massively excited at just how quickly they arrived on my doorstep. I’m not a terribly patient person, and waiting for packages always makes me slightly agitated (Millennials, yo), and these salty things arrived well within the week.

I may not be much a baker, but for now I’m hugely content with wearing tasty treats on my ears.

Pretzel EarringsThe Pommier 



8th, June, 2017


You know when you fall completely out of love with your wardrobe? Yeah, well, the dreaded curse definitely got the better of me a month or so ago. Before moving to Thailand I had the biggest purge and sold or threw out pretty much all the clothing I owned. Ya know, except for my wedding dress and a few sentimental favourites. I took a few tropical kind of maxi dresses with me, thinking I’d get into them once I arrived here.. but turns out that I am WAY more twee than I am boho. And I’m totally one hundred percent absolutely fine about that!

I’ve been steadily adding more pieces I truly love to my clothing collection and it’s safe to say that ruffles and off-the-shoulder fits are right up my (garment) alley. Luckily Thailand completely feels the same so I’m able to buy a lot of the stuff I love straight from the market! ..Well, when they fit anyway! I’m an L here, compared to being an S back in New Zealand (although the mango and sticky rice consumption may be having a bit of an influence on that too!)

Online shopping doesn’t happen quite as much as it used to and I have to be completely head over heels over something to click on that glorious ‘add to cart.’ This dress totally checked all the boxes. I actually love a whole bunch of stuff by the brand (Line & Dot, dontcha know!) so think there will be a purchase (or three!) before I head off to Europe next month. Because if a holiday doesn’t deserve a cute new outfit, then I definitely don’t know what does!

DressLine & Dot / Hat – Vintage / Flamingo FlatsCocoRose London