15th, June, 2015


Probably my favourite thing ever to have come out of 2014 was the co-ord trend. As a rule, I’m not usually too keen on following trends, and tend to stick to doing my own thing, but I’ve been a long-time advocate of playsuits – so co-ords are just a natural progression, right? Plus, I grew up in the 90s. That pretty much says it all.

So if you couldn’t tell, I really love this co-ord by Znu Clothing. The tie-up back is really cute, and I’m just glad that the weather turned out really nice and warm (it is winter here!) so I could actually wear it instead of simply admiring it in my wardrobe.

I was SO happy when we took these photos – we just found out that one of our favourite DJs (Martin Garrix) is playing in Las Vegas while we’re on holiday there. Oh gosh, time can’t go fast enough! I am so excited! Of course this outfit is already packed into my suitcase. I always pack really far in advance – it is genuinely the only way I can cope with the excitement and butterflies!

Co-ordZnu Clothing / ClogsLotta From Stockholm / Porcelain Rabbit Ring – And Mary / Cat Bag – Pepa Loves



13th, June, 2015


Lets just take a quick minute to talk about make-up and accessory storage (one of those little things that really does make all the difference). The thing about me, is that although I have a whole lot of stuff that needs to be stored away, I only really use things when I look at them regularly.

Fed up with the usual state of my bathroom cupboards, I decided to tackle the problem head on. I’m in full on savings mode currently, so didn’t want to invest too much financially. I managed to get around the problem by using some simple strategies to store my stuff, while still looking mighty cute too!


Nail Polish – A Mason Jar

This cutie pie jar by Miss Etoille was an adorable present gifted to me for my birthday from my boyfriend. Although I was completely besotted with the jar, I wasn’t too sure what to use it for (besides candy.. Mmm, candy). After displaying the jar empty for several months, I suddenly had the idea to use it to hold polish! And it looks awesome! So go and get yourself a mason jar for your nail polish; it will look so good.


A make-up bag

Although this one seems glaringly obvious, I have never really used a make-up bag! I ended up heading down to a $2 and picked this up for – you guessed it – $2! I don’t know how I used to get by without one; having all of your make up in one place is seriously underrated!


Lipsticks & Brushes – Custom containers

These clear make up holders have seriously changed my life! I have a ridiculous amount of lipstick – though I tend to stick to just one or two shades (which you can definitely tell!). After buying this lipstick holder (as well as a brush holder – and $20 for the two of them, mind you!) I can see every single shade I own, and I’m finding myself branching out way more than I ever have. It’s also way, way easier to find my make up brushes when I need them!


Bobby pins – An antique jar

I swear that bobby pins are the most infuriating must-have of all time! They’re either not there when you need them, or they’re all bent out of shape. I can’t do too much about the shape, but I did manage to pick up this beautiful shell-shaped jar from a thrift store in town. I think it set me back $4 or so – and now I can always find bobby pins when I need them!