11th, February, 2017


Married? Married?! Yep, you read that right! At the end of December we had what can only be described as a whirlwind wedding. And I really do mean whirlwind! I had already signed my contract for a job I had taken overseas (more on that later) and when we realised due to Visas that my love, Barnaby could only stay with me for three months, we had to act quick. We have been together – and absolutely inseparable for the last 10 years, so basically, that was not going to happen. So the end result was that we had one week to plan our wedding…


My parents were arriving in New Zealand a couple of weeks before were due to fly out, so I sent my Mum an email that said “Pack something nice. We’re getting married. No biggie!” And the ‘no biggie’ became the ongoing joke of the wedding – because there always has to be one, right?! Unfortunately the short notice meant that other people I love; my brother and his wife, for example, weren’t able to attend. I’m still gutted about it – but it means that in the future we will have to recreate it – with more time to plan!


There were some really problems on our hands – the dress, suits, location, food, guests, for starters! And I can’t lie – it was a VERY STRESSFUL week! Barnaby was launching a new website for his work, meaning I had to sort out most of the details. Somehow, somehow I avoided being Bridezilla, apart from one occasion where I yelled at my mother in law the classic line – “WELL, IT’S MY WEDDING!” I’m still really embarrassed about my outburst, to be honest!


I found my dream dress – well, caped romper actually on ASOS, and ordered it straight away. Because it was around the Christmas period I was really worried it wouldn’t arrive in time, so just as a back up I bought a lacey bell-sleeved number from Shopbop – as their packages can get through no matter what! I ended up wearing it the day after the wedding and it was a total beauty too!


As they say – gettin’ hitched doesn’t go without a hitch (or two!) – and my big one was that my shoes broke! The only thing I splurged on for the wedding was my shoes. I opted for a sparkly set of Charlotte Olympias and spent a few days practicing walking in them in the big lead up – because I never wear heels. But on the day… I tried them on, walked a few steps and the straps broke! I was SO gutted. There wasn’t really time to dwell on it though, so I simply ripped the strap off the other shoe too and wore them like that. Unfortunately they were falling off my feet most of the time, so I wore them for the ceremony, for some of the photos, then just spent the rest of the time going barefoot.


So that’s that! I’m now married to my sweetheart and living in Thailand. Life feels pretty darn great right about now. Oh, and in case you were wondering – I totally did the whole ‘something old, something’ thing too. My necklace was blue (and it was my Nana’s, so it’s very, very special), my ring was Barnaby’s great grandmothers (old), something new was my playsuit and my shoes, and my something borrowed was silver nail polish I asked my mother in law to buy. Nailed it!

Wedding photos by Frank Visser.

6th, February, 2017


Um, so the past couple of months have been slightly hectic (to say the least!) In short; I got married (will post photos from this so super soon!), quit my job, and migrated all the way over to Thailand. Northern Thailand, to be specific. Welllll, Udon Thani, Northern Thailand to be really specific. I haven’t been exactly sure how to even write all of this down – namely as so much really as happened. So I suppose I’ll start with why I decided to move to Thailand..

In June 2016 my Nana passed away and I have been really, massively, enormously struggling with coming to terms with it. I didn’t have a lot of family support in New Zealand. My parents live in Brunei, in South-East Asia, and my brother and his wife live in the UK. My Aunt, who I am close with lives in the North Island of New Zealand. So basically, no immediate on-site family support – from my side, anyway. Barnaby’s Mum, Jane was massively kind; taking us into her house and buying me a gym membership to help ease the pain. But oh my gosh, there was (and still is) SO MUCH PAIN. I have never lost anyone before – let alone someone so close to me (Nana and I emailed multiple times a day and had set weekly coffee dates). Around the time of the funeral all of my family was there, but when they left… it was just me. And I could see my Nana everywhere. I drove past all our favourite coffee places, vintage shops we would visit together, and to get to work I had to drive alongside the church where her funeral service took place. It was the absolute pits. And I didn’t know how I was going to be able to stay there.

But I stayed. And the pain eased a little.

But then I hit the point where I knew it was going to keep hurting for a long time, and I just wasn’t happy in Christchurch anymore. After all, we moved there from Wellington so I could be closer to my Nana, who had just started to get sick.

Sorry if this has caused any tears (eep, it has for me!) so lets get onto some happier stuff!

First up – I got married in December – as I mentioned earlier ! To the love of my life – my man for well over ten years; Barnaby. I will share some photos soon! It was a little intense planning a wedding in just over a week – but so, so wonderful!

You might not know that I actually grew up in Asia! From the age of 4-16 I was raised in Brunei. Since arriving in New Zealand I had been desperate to get overseas again! And luckily my love, Barnaby, felt the same way. We had had so many ‘what if?’ conversations over the past few years, and this time it all seemed just right. Right down to the fact that my car in Christchurch literally exploded the day after I signed the contract! Talk about meant to be!

So here I am! Udon Thani! Visiting the giant ducks – my favourite landmark. I hope you enjoy following along my Northern Hemisphere adventures – it sure is lovely having you here!

Dress – Shopbop / Freda Jelly Sandals – Kate Spade