13th, January, 2012

Spring in Autumn Colours!

Oh, I do love overcast days! Today – our last day of dogsitting, we spent most of our time in the garden. Though it’s summer, the weather has suddenly become much colder, and I’ve found myself layering regularly – and wearing mostly Autumn tones. Pairing socks with a chunky heel is my favourite ever; and my feline Foot Traffic socks fit right in with the canine company! I wore a vintage orange jersey with the beautiful For the Right Moment dress which was sent via Modcloth. The zebra brooch was a birthday gift several years ago from my mum, and the shoes are Lotta From Stockholm.

I’m also delighted to announce that Lost in the Haze has been featured over at MyBag.com! You can take a peek at a curated list of my favourite bags – aren’t they wonderful! I love each and every one – especially the Paul & Joe bowling bag. I’d pair it with scarlet lipstick and a bowler hat; my favourite combination! MyBag is also offering a discount code of 10% – just enter the code LITHSTYLE at the checkout.

60 Comments on “Orange You Glad…”

  1. WOOOOOW I think I am in love with you in the least creepiest way possible. I don’t think I could get any creepier though, haha. Amazing outfit! Where is your hat from? I don’t think you said unless I missed it? Very possible due to my silliness!

  2. I love htat dress and the way you have pput the collar over the jumper.

    And am loving the hat–think I need a new hat, I even dreamt about it the other night, that is a definite sign if I needed one.

    PS Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  3. I love your style its so cute, I also have a thing with chunky shoes and socks. I absolutely love thos cat socks too have you seen how they advertise them on the website?

    “If you fancy cats or just like to chase mice, your feet will feel purr-fect in this pair of fabulous felines.”

    SOLD x

  4. At first I thought the collar was part of your sweater, which would have been really cute. But layering is even sweeter because you can mix it up! Great look.

  5. HUGELY adore those kitty socks! And love the colour blocking of your sweater and hat. Really cute.

    <3 Cambria

  6. Thanks for your sweet comment on my post! I’m so glad I discovered your blog. I think your style is awesome, and I love, love your hair. :)

  7. hahah the post title is brill. Lovely collar detail and hat and such a cute pin and socks!


  8. Oh your socks and zebra brooch are just the cutest! I love these little touches, it really makes an outfit special and unique

    Emma x

  9. The Daydream Collaboration

    nice bowler hat
    you’re sooo cute :3

    lotta love,
    The Daydream Collaboration

  10. Wow – your boyfriend is amazing at photography and I love your style. Following your blog from the other side of the world (Scotland!) xx

  11. Your photos are perfection! Orange is a beautiful colour on you – it looks perfect with your hair! Congratulations on the feature too!

  12. I love that dress and in particular the polka dot collar: so nice! Hope you had fun with the dogs!

  13. Those socks are amazing! I am obsessed with any clothing that is animal themed! So of course I love the brooch as well! I love the outfit!

  14. Emily, Resplendent Tranquility

    I’m a sucker for Autumn tones, so naturally I think this outfit is stellar. I’ve been loving the rust orange/cream/blue combination lately and have been eager to create something from my own wardrobe using that color scheme.

    Your cat socks and zebra brooch (!!!) add a great element of quirkiness to this outfit, which is never a bad thing :)


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