3rd, March, 2012

The Silver Fox

I know I’ve posted about my beautiful fox ring before; but I truly couldn’t resist sharing it again! I don’t wear an awful lot of jewellery, so it is remarkable that I love this ring as much as I do! Designer¬†Emilie Thomas captured the fox expression so perfectly; I love seeing it’s whiskery face perched on my finger. I grew up watching the Animals of Farthing Wood, and my new accessory always has me thinking of my favourites – the foxes. Emilie has also produced other incredible jewellery; I particularly love the seahorse and the rabbit ring! There is something truly special about animal accessories – it feels as if you are carrying a miniature friend around with you!

21 Comments on “Oh, Emilie!”

  1. I love it! I love jewellery thats a little bit different, I think thats why I don’t own very much. I was obsessed with the Animals of Farthing wood when I was younger, I absolutely adored it!

  2. OOOOOH it’s so nice! I have a ring similar to that except it sort of wraps around my finger. So pretty! I love animal related jewellery :)

  3. Oh my! Both rings you posted are gorgeous. I love the detailing put into each. Thank you for sharing this incredible artist :]

  4. Amazing ring don’t worry!
    I would love to show it everyday!!

    Have a nice sunday.
    See you!

  5. You’re so lucky to have grown/still live around all these woods! That was my childhood dream (and I still wish I did haha) XD That flow ring is the cutest!
    Thank you for your comment, I’ve been reading your blog for so long! By the way your hair so pretty that it really must not make a difference whether you brush it or not : 3

  6. I adore that fox ring, it is so pretty! I have a similar affection for my mouse ring so I totally understand you wanting to share this with us again!

  7. I don’t wear much jewellery either but that seahorse ring stole my heart! Animal-shaped accessories are the best :)

  8. Oh man that is absolutely gorgeous! This Emilie lady really knows indeed how to capture the fox’s expression, good thing you posted about this twice so now I can know about it :). You should be very proud to own a piece of jewellery that awesome :)



    @ Sugar magnolia

  9. love quirky little rings like that, they make days sufficently better, don’t they? xx


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