16th, October, 2014


Lately, for me, it’s been all about the ‘hive. There’s an odd feeling of satisfaction when you get your hair twice as big as the last time you did it (challenge accepted). Plus, I really hate washing my hair all the time, and they say that dirtier hair works better for grip, so yay; an excuse!

Are there any other contact lens wearers out there? My eyes have basically gone on strike and water like mad any time a lens comes even remotely close. My new specs couldn’t have arrived at a better time, and paired with a beehive & this beautiful (x100000) floral dress by Joules I felt like a modern Joan Holloway. And that’s never a bad thing, am I right?

Also: is it wrong that I totally read out the title in an Austin Powers voice? Answer: yes, yes it is..

DressJoules / Glasses – www.getglasses.co.nz / Bag – Mimco / ShoesCocorose London / Watch – Olivia Burton


18 Comments on “Oh Bee-hive”

    • Eep, thank you! :) I definitely need to get around to making a tutorial.. rather than just talking about doing it! x

  1. Your hair is perfect, you should do a tutorial! Always looking for excuses to not wash my hair.
    I like how your floral tattoo blends into the dress pattern. Cute look.

    – alexis


    • Thank you! Yep, definitely time I got around to doing a tutorial, I think! And so glad you noticed the florals blending in – I saw that too and was quite excited actually, haha! 😉 x

  2. Ahh Jo, your hair looks sooo good like that (and I agree on the tutorial request!), and those glasses are perfection. You are the cutest.

    xox Sammi


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