13th, November, 2012

♥ 1. Going on adventures with friends & discovering enormous flower-covered bushes. ♥ 2. Reorganizing my brand new wardrobe – one of my favourite things to do! ♥ 3. I’ve been practically living in these white kitty cat socks. ♥ 4. Wearing an 8000 Nerves dress and saying a big ol’ hello to the golden hour.

(P.s. my Instagram user is l0stinthehaze – with a zero instead of an ‘o’. Follow along if you’d like!)

♥ 5. Rediscovering a bunch of paintings from when I sat for portraits for a group of elderly artists. I think this one looks so much like me! ♥ 6. Blending right in with the flowers – in my favourite colour too. ♥ 7. The roses have finally come out! I wait for this moment all year long. ♥ 8. The naughtiest kind of snack. Nom nom nom!

♥ 9. My fringe is getting so long, it’s awfully hard to see! ♥ 10. Duckling army! There were fifteen in total! ♥ 11. T-bar flats & pretty flowers. (I have t-bar tan lines because of this day out!) ♥ 12. I love sharing blog outtakes on Instagram!

♥ 13. I felt like such a fancy lady with my back-seamed diamanté bow tights! ♥ 14. These silly ASOS glasses are the best! ♥ 15. Obligatory discovery shot when I spotted a poster of myself modelling ‘hippie sacks’ as I favour I did for a friend months ago! ♥ 16. Pretty packages deserve equally pretty packaging, don’t you think?


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