9th, September, 2013


Since dying my hair dark I’ve entered the inevitable stage where I experiment with fashion and break away from my usual clothing choices. New hair colour equals exploring new realms of the personal style world, wouldn’t you say? I’ve already mentioned my recent love of the colour green, and now I seem to have become obsessed with all things black and white – like this Motel Rocks dress. Colour is an intensely fun part of fashion to play around with, and I’ve never been one to shy away from it, but now minimalism is looking pretty darn appealing too. Plus, it makes the little things – like these boots – stand out even better. With the perfect black and white ‘no parking’ sign written in an amazing cursive font – I felt like I was channelling typography blogger queen, Nubby Twiglet. She’s pretty rad though, so this is definitely something I can deal with.

DressMotel Rocks / Cardigan – A gift / Sunglasses – Chicwish / ClogsLotta From Stockholm


15 Comments on ““No Parking””

  1. Stripes and red lips is one of my favourite combinations and you look fab! Love the boots too, they’re adorable. Your new hair really suits you.

  2. Love the stripes with the pop of colour. My favourite part of this look is the sunglasses. I want them, they are so perfect.

  3. You do well with black and white dear, you dark hair and blue eyes go well with them!
    And of course it’s normal to change the colours of your usual palette if you change from blonde to a darker hair, you have to find the colours that fit you more now.

    love x

  4. You look awesome :) I love the yellow booties. I totally started dressing differently and experimenting with new colors when I died my hair too.


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