19th, May, 2012

Honey, Sugar, & Beetroot?! 

Here in New Zealand, the temperature is definitely dropping! Whenever the cold seasons are approaching, I always ‘up’ my beauty routine to keep my skin looking fresh. I love preparing beauty formulas myself; as it is super reassuring to know what exactly is in them! Over the next few weeks, I thought I would share of my favourite (and instant!) beauty tricks for giving your skin a refresh from winter.

Scrubs are one of the best kept secrets for freshening up your lips. And because they’re sugar-based, your lips will taste sweet all day long! This honey and beetroot (!) scrubs is one of my favourites! All you will need is..

Three teaspoons of oil

I used olive oil for this lip scrub – but it is completely fine to use vegetable oil too! Put the oil into a small bowl, and save your spoon – as you will need it for mixing!

Two teaspoons of honey

Nom nom nom! I have a definite ‘Pooh Bear’ syndrome, and honey doesn’t last terribly long in my household! I usually have to make my honey scrub rather quickly, before my taste buds get too tempted!

Two teaspoons of sugar

It doesn’t matter what type of sugar you use. I generally prefer to opt for brown – but only had white available. The sugar is the actual ‘scrub’ and is the key ingredient to making your skin feel so good!

Stir it up!

Use your teaspoon and mix it all up into a gritty paste! I also add the tiniest amount of beetroot juice – it will stain your lips pink; the perfect all natural lipstick!

And finally..

Apply a generous amount of the sugar scrub on your lips and leave it there for two minutes. It is quite a lovely waiting experience; some of the sugar ineviatably leaks into your mouth! Delicious!

10 Comments on “Natural Beauty: A Homemade Sugar Scrub”

  1. This is such an easy recepie! Sounds delicious too. I will definitely try it out :)
    Honey doesn’t last long in my household either! I always have my tea with honey instead of sugar :)
    Sylwia xxx

  2. hey :)
    Thank you for passing by the other day and leaving a comment :) (Made learning definately more endurable^^)

    And this lipscrub looks so much fun. I think I know what to do this evening (after all thextbooks have been closed….)

    x Jo

  3. This is such a wonderful idea, and it looks so tasty! Mmmm…. can’t wait to try this out xo

  4. Thank you for this tutorial! My lips are always chapped in the summer and in the winter, so this will be great! I’ve never tried making my own scrubs, but this one looks easy and effective!


  5. This sounds amazing – I would totally end up eating half of it in the process! Will definitely be giving this a go!


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