10th, March, 2013

Ready for some Springtime inspiration? “Err, surely you must be in Autumn, right?” I can already hear you ask. Well, New Zealand may already officially be in Fall mode, but you can never have too much pink ‘n pastel, don’t you think? Plus, in defence to myself – this Winter I’m hoping to channel a certain Miss¬†Flashes of Style. Flower crowns in the middle of snowy weather? Yep, that Bonnie is one smart lady!

One thing I sadly know isn’t going to happen anytime soon (sob!) is the arrival of the cherry blossoms. Forever my favourite part of Spring, I simply love it when the blossoms coat the area surrounding them – much like in these photographs of Nastya Kusakina taken by Jens Ingvarsson. Spending a day lounging on a bed of blossoms, with braids in my hair and the prettiest outfits I can imagine, sounds like utter perfection to me. Though at this time of the year, I’d likely be tucked up in a pile of leaves, wearing something equally pretty (err, let’s say, well anything by Barbour, really!) hoping to stay warm. Can I live vicariously through all of you Northern Hemisphere dwellers? Oh, go on..!

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  1. Oh that is SO SO pretty! I really love the nude minimal makeup look with all the pretty pink :)


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