15th, July, 2014


Unicorn bag by Chicwish

Some gals have a thing for shoes, some prefer hats, but me? I’m a bag lady, all the way. Well, I actually quite like shoes and hats too, but bags win. If it’s a little ‘out there’ then it’s for me. And the number one rule? Animal bags win, every time. When I was a kid I had a bag shaped like a shoe. I seriously thought it was the coolest thing ever, and I really, really wish I still had it! I like to think it has massively influenced my silly bag collection. But you guys get it, right? Silly bags are so much fun! Here’s a wee look at my collection. Let me know which one is your favourite!


Bag by Jump From Paper


Weenie dog clutch (out of stock) by Pepa Loves


Cat bag from eBay

13 Comments on “My Weird Bag Collection”

  1. I love the unicorn one the most! so cool! :) I saw a cat-bag in H&M as well as a lips-bag, and I wanted them both so much, but didn’t because my shopping limit is very tight. I wish I had them with me right now. hehe. Bags really are the coolest accessorie to complete an outfit.

  2. Silly bags ARE so much fun, and I love your bag collectoin! I love the dog bag and the unicorn bag the best but if I had to decide, I think the unicorn wins. It’s a unicorn and it’s pink, that’s pretty funky! xx

  3. you’ve got a cute collection of bags.. nothing weird about it hehe :) my favourite would be the horse but the cat bag is adorable too

  4. The unicorn bag and cat bag– I love and need them so bad!! Great post! You have quite the collection! Xo


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