20th, January, 2013

Well, it’s no secret that I love yellow! In fact, I already styled this all-yellow outfit with red lipstick earlier in the week. Something about it just makes me feel so happy, it’s bliss. Sunshine, rain, snow – no matter the weather I always love to wear bright yellow. It’s my favourite colour for sure. To show my dedication the tiniest bit more, I decided to pick out a bunch of yellow stuff I simply love! The one I want most of all? Without a doubt, the umbrella. It has a duck for the handle – how cute is that?! I think I had a similar one when I was about four (I also had a dalmatian print raincoat with ears – but I’ve yet to find another, boo!) It’s not everyday that you discover adult-sized versions of kids stuff. What a find!

1. Goldenrod to Happiness dress

2. Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Yellow

3. Pass the Muster Flat

4. Duck, Duck, Umbrella in Yellow

5. Inch by Inch Pin 

16 Comments on “Must-Have Monday: Yellow!”

  1. Normally I don’t wear yellow or am attracted to yellow at all but lately everything I’m pulling on Polyvore is pure sunshine. They must have gotten it wrong when choosing the “it” colour, this year isn’t emerald, it is yellow : )


  2. Yellow is such an under rated colour when it comes to clothing i think!
    I would love a dress like the one above for summer time, would look so great with white accessories and a floppy hat!
    Georgia, x


  3. Oh dear – I’m going to have to make an exception to my NO BUYING at the moment. Very low on budget and I ReALLY want that satchel

  4. I never used to like yellow but recently I have been obsessed! (I’m totally blaming you!)

    Maria xxx

  5. Yay, a lovely cheerful post on another bleak Monday. The shoes and the satchel are just so cute!


  6. I love all of the yellows! It gives me hope I’ll see warm weather again one day – the snow is starting annoy me now! Especially love the dress and brooch, they’re gorgeous!
    Jodie xx | Future Freaks Me


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