24th, September, 2012

Complete with some Styling Illustrations! 

This Monday I am dreaming of special collars. I didn’t want to leave it as simple as that though – I couldn’t help but imagine up how I’d style each of the different dresses. I’m all about headgear lately; so naturally hats and a flower crown were quick to make an appearance! From the collared cuties above, I’m particularly in love with the Simplicity is Sweet Dress – the pan collar and tent shape won me over instantly! I’m sure I’d end up pairing it with a patterned pair of tights (either dotted or equestrian style). Who knows, maybe one of these days it’ll make it’s way into my wardrobe. Do you think September is too early to start a Christmas wishlist..!

1. Foot Tour Dress  

2. Simplicity is Sweet Dress (My favourite! ♥)

3. Lima Let You Finish Dress 

4. Away We Go-Go Dress

5. Endeavor After Dress

6. Drop Waist By To Say Hi Dress

4 Comments on “Must-Have Monday: The Cutest Collars”

  1. These dresses are all so adorable! I’m yet to own a peter pan collar, but these definitely have me swooning. And I don’t think September is too early at all! 😉

  2. I missed your illustrations, Jo! I think this is the cutest idea! And yes, that navy and peter pan dress is adorable and would fit so perfectly in your wardrobe :)


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