5th, November, 2012

How to Style a Suzy look – Two Ways! 

I had really hoped to have this post up in time for Halloween, but moving house ended up taking up almost every single last drop of my free time! Thankfully, it’s never too late for some styling fun – especially when it’s Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom! Gosh, I think Miss Suzy must have been one of the most popular looks for Halloween, though it’s not terribly surprising really. Big collars, bug earrings, honestly what’s not to love?! One outfit didn’t seem like quite enough, so instead I present you with two! I also stumbled upon an amazing Suzy style red dress, which I just might have ‘added to cart’. Actually, styling these looks have been my favourite so far. I would wear each of these outfits, regardless of Halloween. In fact, I’m feeling slightly tempted to start carrying a pair of binoculars around with me at all times.. Now that would be rather fun, wouldn’t it!

Suzy of Moonrise Kingdom look one:

1. Lady Bug Stud Earrings 

2. Tiny Bee Ring

3. Goldenrod to Happiness Dress

4. Hue Flat Knit Knee Socks

5. Pinch, Lash, Smidgen Flats

6. Compact Rubber-Covered Binoculars

Suzy of Moonrise Kingdom Look two:

1. Hue Flat Knit Knee Socks 

2. Citrus Chic Dress

3. Kate Spade New York Caledonia Bug Ring

4. Compact Rubber-Covered Binoculars

5. Westbuitti Tessa Shoes

6. Straw Studios Catherine Shoulder Bag

18 Comments on “Must-Have Monday: Suzy of Moonrise Kingdom”

  1. I have a costume party coming up, and the requirements is we come as an object/character with the same letters the beginning of our name. But I really just want to dress up as suzy hah!

    I adore both outfits! I wish I could dress like Suzy every day

    xx carina

  2. Not only her look is beautiful but is pretty easy to copy! <3
    My son once asked to carry his binoculars around, but I told him not to, it might creep people out, hahaha!

    • Aw, too cute! My brother had a pair in his room when I was little and I used to ‘borrow’ them to spy on the neighbourhood cats! x

  3. Wow I just watched that movie somewhat recently and didn’t even THINK about dressing up as Suzy!! I didn’t see anyone else dresses as her, nor had I seen a blog post about it until now! I won’t lie, I kind of want to dress as her every day, is that bad? Great collection!

    Strive to Thrive,

  4. Spot on! That movie almost made me cry it was so cute. As a former movie theater manager, I was lucky enough to snag a promotional Moonrise Kingdom T-Shirt. I love to pair it with my favorite floral pleated skirt.


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