8th, October, 2012

Under the Sea! 

I adore sailor clothing. It’s something I’ve always loved, and over the years I’ve managed to build up quite a collection. During winter I usually put my sailor dresses aside in favour warmer layers, but when spring rolls around they’re back to being wardrobe staples. A couple of weekends ago I bought a beautiful vintage sailor collar dress, and it’s rekindled my love for sure! I’ve been feeling nautical all week long, and have been wearing plenty of stripes and navy blue; the absolute essentials! For this must-have Monday, I couldn’t help but choose some of my favourite online sailor finds. Perhaps it’s just due to being from New Zealand, and wanting to support other kiwis – but I adore the Karen Walker octopus tshirt! How cute is that little face?! I simply couldn’t resist drawing a few other sea creatures to keep it company!

1. Cute Clipper Dress

2. Karen Walker Sailor Stripe Octopus Tee

3. Run the Showboat Dress

4. Cast A-line Dress

5. Sail into Splendor Top

6. Coach Tour Dress in Azure

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