12th, November, 2012

The Prettiest Legwear that you’ve ever seen! 

Statement tights are one of my favourite-ever accessories! I really wanted to post about some that I love, just because they are so universal! It is just about summertime here in New Zealand, but the  occasional cold day has me slipping into a pair of warm tights. I know that those of you up there in the Northern hemisphere will be wearing your tights too – some places look absolutely freezing at the moment! I can barely even comprehend the idea of snow right now – though it would be fun! Here are a few of my favourites – I hope they are able to inspire your winter wardrobe and help you get you through the colder times! (P.s. how much do you adore the new blog layout? I am so excited!)

1. Knee-d Your Lovin’ Tights

2. Achilles’ Zeal Tights (these are my favourites! ♥ )

3. I’m Just Kitten Tights

4. Ask Around Tights

5. Just Teasing Tights

6. Celestial Be Friends Tights

..& just for those days where you feel like a pop of colour – but not necessarily something too zany, here are some of my favourite colour tights!

1. Mustard

2. Red

3. Rose

4. Grape

5. Teal

6. Violet

9 Comments on “Must-Have Monday: Quirky Tights”

  1. Eeek I love the Cat tights! I’ve been needing to update my tights from plain old black, and something a bit lighter for spring!
    By the way I’m loving the new blog layout!
    I’ve been reading your blog for the past year or so and totally love it! I’m a fellow CHCH girl too!, I’ve just started my own blog and would love it if you had a look!
    xox Amie

    • Hi Amie! Ohh, it’s so lovely to hear of another Christchurch blogger! : ) And yours is just wonderful! Your wardrobe looks truly incredible! x

  2. Wow I love no. 1,3 & 4! :) Hope I can get them somewhere.
    Indeed, it’s getting quite cold in Iceland right now but there is no snow yet 😉

  3. These are very cute! I especially like the light colored hearts on the light colored tights.

    Also, digging the layout. I love how it is a bold black and white design yet still a little whimsical. Also, moving the logo to the side instead of a header draws our attention to the posts so much more quickly!


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