1st, October, 2012

What takes your Feline Fancy? 

Don’t you just love cat clothing! I had a slice of purr-fect luck yesterday, and thrifted a brooch and bracelet – both with cat details of course! You will absolutely love them, I can’t wait to share! (I’ve also chopped a whole bunch  of my hair off – so I’ll have to share that too!) To tide you over, here are my favourite online feline finds this week! I especially adore the sculpted blusher stick and the sweater (particularly as I’m wearing a pair of catseye spectacles right at this second!) A cat themed clothing post just felt so very appropriate, considering my cat lady-esque last post. It’s a trend I’m happy to carry on – it truly is quite wonderful!

1. Built NY Built Cat Lunch Bag

2. Black Cat Headband with Pearls

3. Coral Cat Print Belted Dress

4. Cat Face Ring

5. Cats Ear Watch

6. Paul & Joe Cat Collection Blusher Stick

7. Cat Eyeglasses Sweater in Red

17 Comments on “Must-Have Monday: Kitty Cats!”

  1. Oh how I love all things cat! I adore that dress, so want :)



  2. i just got that watch for my bff for her birthday and it’s REALLY cute in real life – it’s nice quality too. 😀 asos doesn’t allow reviews which is the pits sometimes. love all of these things – i just got a cat print dress and i can’t stop wanting to wear it

    <3 katherineof corgis and cocktails


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