26th, November, 2012

It’s no secret that I love foxes! When you just glance upwards a tiny bit you’ll see my foxy friend dancing around in the header. I honestly think that foxes aren’t featured on enough dresses, sweaters, jewellery; well, anything really! I felt somewhat obliged to present you with some of my favourites. Particularly, I really love the fox sweatshirt and the Topshop fox  scarf. The ear muffs and the long sleeved fox dress had me longing for winter – words I never thought I’d say! Oh, and lastly, I didn’t post a picture of it above – but don’t you just adore this fox teacup?! What a cutie!

1. Do Re Mi Fox Socks

2. Up-and Cunning Fox Dress

3. Fox Ring in Silver (I have this ring and have worn it here and here!)

4. Fox Knitted Scarf 

5. That’s All, Fox Top

6. Now and Den Earmuffs

7. When the Day is Den Fox Pillow

Ooh, and if you’d like to shop now I’ve created a little curated boutique of some of my favourites pieces recently.

9 Comments on “Must-Have Monday: Foxy Finds”

  1. I love foxes, too! And I just bought the most awesome fox socks ever, I hope they arrive soon so I can wear them!!

  2. I have such a love for animal rings. I have some cats and a snake, and I think that fox needs to be added to my collection.


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