17th, February, 2013

As we inch closer and closer to the colder seasons here in New Zealand, I am getting more and more excited about the prospect of wearing boots (an obsession that may have started due to these ankle boots – swoon!) Every morning, it gets a little bit harder to get out of bed – and a whole lot harder to get out of the shower. Naturally, with the looming burst of cold, I’ve been feeling more and more tempted to put away my summertime clogs, and start reaching for footwear that offers a little more warmth. I’ve always loved the look of boots paired with a perfect pair of tights. It makes your legs look even thinner – a definite plus when you don’t have the skinniest legs ever – um, hi there! Above are some of my favourites – and what tights I would pair them with! Here’s to some wintertime inspiration, eh!

1. Jeffrey Campbell Gimmie a Glint Bootie

2. Wing-tipped for Glory Bootie

3. Ace of Shades Boot

4. Dashing to Bootie in Deep Teal

5. Dash of Dots Tights

6. Got it Fade Tights

7. Fan Flair Tights

10 Comments on “Must-have Monday: Boot Weather”

  1. I’ve been ogling a few of those things as well like both pairs of polka dot tights and the JC boots that were inspired by the Chloes. And I agree–I’ve found the booties with funky tights look can be very flattering though in my case I opt for booties that aren’t too wide on top. (I have the opposite issue–pencil legs, and wide boots make it all the more obvious.)

    • Yes, the Chloes! I have lusted over them for years – especially the red ones, like Sienna Miller’s. The JC copies will have to do for now though – unless I spot a cheeky pair on eBay! x

  2. i was just thinking the other day that a gal can never have too many boots— i love the little teal ones! and i’m pretty obsessed with polka dot tights, they are perfect for layering/pattern mixing what would be an otherwise boring outfit in the winter!

  3. I have been wearing boots nonstop in Minnesota lately! I usually love ’em, but am ready for some ballet flats.


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