27th, January, 2013

I like 1960s fashion. Scratch that, what I mean to say is that I love it. If I could choose any decade in time, and I mean any (yes, this even includes giving up 21st century treats like hair straighteners  Ferrero Rochers!) the 60s are it for me. But what I prefer even more than 1960s clothing, is well-constructed, super-cute, modern-day replicas. Honestly, nothing is a better day thrifting for me than when I discover a 60s treasure. But nowadays we can avoid the itchy fabrics, and the sometimes ill-fitting shape (pretty dang common when you’re a large chested lady like myself).

So where am I going with all of this? I’ve been busy busy busy picking out a bunch of my favourite 60s-esque beauties, as seen above. So many of these outfits remind me of one of my ultimate style icons, Miss Edie Sedgwick. The Marc Jacobs red and blue striped dress gives me particularly strong ‘Factory Girl’ vibes. How about you, which is your favourite?

1. Everyday Daisy Flat

2. Got a Lot of Love Clutch

3. One Smart Rookie Dress

4. Go-Go About Your Day Dress

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Blue & Red Ellsworth Dress

6. Good to Go-Go Dress

6 Comments on “Must-Have Monday: 1960s Statement Style”

  1. The 60’s are quite iconic and cool, along with the roaring 20’s. Of course I also like the crazy darkwave 80’s and the glamourous 40’s/50’s… But I think the 60’s are actually more flattering to my figure ahah. Velvet Cave has such awesome velvet mod dresses, too bad it’s a bit pricey…
    I prefer the first half of the decade rather than the late 60’s though, I’m not into hippie folk trends, I stick to the Anna Karina-like pretty coquette classy dresses ahah xx

    The Nancy Wilde Experience


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