9th, July, 2013


Err, did someone say dream collaboration? Though it’s a world away from the infamous oversized ice creams at Brighton beach shoot from last year, Mulberry and Tim walker have once again nailed it. Paired with model of the moment, Cara Delevingne, the semi-spooky vibe created from the Fall 2013 Mulberry campaign is everything it should be and more. Cara is even showing off the coveted Alexa bag, makin’ me want it even more! (Though not as much as I want a miniature forest growing in my house. What a beauty!)


(Images via Fashion Gone Rogue)

7 Comments on “Mulberry Fall 2013”

  1. Omg this is literally perfection. Tim Walker + Cara Delevingne + Mulburry, what more could you ask for?!


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