28th, December, 2011

With the Prettiest Pan Collar!

These are my new favourite sunglasses! Sweet Barnaby brought me both the eyewear and the white tights from ASOS as a Christmas gift. I actually knew what he had gotten for me – so I have been eagerly counting down till the day I could wear them! I feel like a true 1960s girl with the glasses on – what could be better! I paired them with a dress sent to me by Luphia Boutique and Lotta from Stockholm clogs. Having ‘matchy’ outfits is a recent obsession, so today I made sure that my dress and shoes were the perfect shade of blue!

62 Comments on “Moon Glasses”

  1. i adore everything about this outfit, the collar and glasses are amazing together! i love matching my things as well, it’s fun!

  2. Those glasses are amazing! They look so cool on you!

    I love white tights, but after a few wears mine always get really dirty around the toes – any tips for keeping them white gladly appreciated!?

  3. Just perfect as usual! I love love love that dress! I wish I could pull off the glasses like you, but my face is just to terribly round already!

  4. That dress is so cute, I love it.

    I hope your holidays where amazing, that Santa was good to you this year and in that at New Year’s Eve you will have the best time of your life :).

  5. Thanks Jo, for liking my photos :)

    You look adorable, I love matchy matchy looks.


  6. You look lovely!
    Very pretty dress!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    Following you now!

  7. I love this outfit! The glasses are so fun and the dress is so lovely, I’m a big fan of having matching colours in my outfits too.

  8. They suit you and I’d never have thought they’d look good with a peter oan collared dress but they look lovely!

  9. Those glasses are amazing! You definitely perfect the 60s girl look with them! Love the clogs too, It’s so strange seeing such lovely weather at this time of year!

    Emma x

  10. Loved tha 60s approach, those shades are so cool! I’m obsessed with sunglasses! and I’m loving those.. thanks for stopping by my blog, I’ll be sure to keep in touch, xoxo

  11. Oh my goodness! Your outfit, that dress, those shoes, those sunglasses…!! It’s bloody brilliant! I really love the whole thing. :)

  12. Jo, your dress is beautiful! And I love those tights. I don’t think I’m daring enough yet to sport some glasses like those, but you certainly look dashing in them. :]

    Also, thanks for leaving a link to your blog on your comment. I am soaking up each post!


  13. aww thanks for your sweet comment. Loving the peter pan collar dress, got a similar one.
    And the weather in your country is so warm, i’m a bit jealous; this pouring rain in belgium is awful :)
    xx see you around

  14. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog!

    I love how you look in those glasses, I’ve always wanted a pair like that, but I don’t think they’ll look good in me.
    Love your dress, too, you look adorable!

    From now on be sure I’ll follow your blog, it’s lovely!

  15. peter pan collar dress and amazing sunglasses!?!?!
    i think this might be perfection. :)
    amazing outfit Jo.

  16. i love your blog….great shoes! i stumbled onto your blog via your guest post for a fine day for sailing….
    happy new year!

  17. Thank you so much for you comment! :)

    I’m so glad I’ve found your blog too, it’s beautiful! I adore your sunglasses in this post!



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