9th, October, 2015


With my pastel fascination bordering on an obsession (spring will do that to a gal!) you can bet that I was mighty excited about the arrival of this fitted mint coloured dress from Unique Vintage. I sported it with my trustworthy leather jacket – which I whipped off during these photos (during most photos, really) – and even still was asked by three different people if I was headed to prom. Um, first of all, dressing up for no reason is really fun, secondly; prom? At 9:30am? Yeah, how about no.

It got me thinking all about the Unique Vintage message – #Iamunique. I’m a firm believer in wearing what makes you feel good and what makes you feel confident – because really, that’s all that counts, right? I’ve never been one to take other people (or myself!) that seriously, and it’s pretty obvious through some of the weirder outfits I’ve worn over the years.

I may have just been going on a hot chocolate date (and a really, really tasty one too!) but there is nothing quite like getting dolled up for no reason whatsoever – whether it’s a date with your sweetie, or a trip to the supermarket. What can I say; I just really, really like clothes – and even more so when there’s mint involved!

DressUnique Vintage / Lips Purse – House of Holland x Debenhams /

Bow – With Lavendar and Lace / Shoes – Chicwish



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  1. Haha if someone asked if I was going to prom, I’d probably just say yes! It’s been a long time since prom days, it seems. Anyway, I love this mint green dress so much. The color is fantastic on you!


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