29th, January, 2013

Say a great big hello to Jazmine Rocks (yes, that is her real name – how amazing is that?!) of the simply brilliant London-based blog, Jazzabelle’s Diary. Jazz is one talented lady, who splits her time between blogging, styling, and being an ambassador for the world-famous Victoria and Albert Museum. Oh, and did I mention the odd modelling stint too? Well, let’s be honest, with pins like that there is no way that Jazz couldn’t be modelling! Besides starring in a campaign for top UK shop, Miss Selfridge, Jazmine can also be seen in the pages of magazines such as Company, ASOS, and Bertie Shoes. Not bad for a girl who is only 20-years-old, eh! Read on to learn more about this talented fashion blogger, including more about her signature style, and must-visit places in London!

One of the most striking aspects of Jazzabelle’s Diary (besides your lovely self, of course) is your ability to wear all-black outfits, which make your silhouette look seriously amazing! You’ve said yourself that Audrey Hepburn is one of your fashion icons, but who else influences your unique style?

Thank-you! I do really adore wearing all black outfits, there’s just something so simple and classic about them. It’s always so lovely to mix different fabrics and textures when wearing all black, though over the last few months I have started to introduce a few more colours and patterns into my wardrobe. Audrey is such a big style icon of mine, I just adore how she dressed to suit her slim figure with simple outfits, skirts nipped in at the waist and of course her little black dresses! The model Freja Beha is another inspiration of mine. Her style is so effortless and androgynous, but it has a slight feminine touch too. People occasionally say to me that I remind them of Audrey and look slightly like Freja, which are two of the best compliments I could possibly receive!

You’ve always been very upfront about being bullied in the past and how this has affected your confidence. Has blogging helped you to break out of your shell and prove that your bullies were just that – bullies! 

Yes, blogging has definitely helped me to gain a little more much needed confidence. Thanks to the wonderful comments and emails I receive from readers, I have started to feel more confident in myself, knowing that others like me just for who I am. I experienced an awful lot of bullying (mainly to do with my looks and weight) from the age of ten until nineteen, and because of that I do now lack an awful lot of self esteem and suffer with body image issues. I’ve always been determined to achieve something in my life to prove those bullies wrong, and I’m so proud of how far I have come. I’ve been featured in numerous magazines and websites over the years, have even done a spot of modelling and have made the most wonderful friends since I started Jazzabelle’s Diary. I’d just love to see what the people who bullied me are doing with their lives now, and I hope one day they see me and regret every word they said. But at the end of the day, the past has made me who I am today, so I wouldn’t want to change a thing.

Being very close with my own family, I simply love how involved your mum, Barrina, is with Jazzabelle’s Diary. What is the best thing about working together, and do you ever help with her blog too? 

The best thing about working with my mum is that it means I get to spend even more time with her! We have such a close relationship with each other, we are more like sisters or friends than mother and daughter, so it’s always lovely to be in her company. I can be rather fussy with the style of my outfit photographs as I always have a specific idea in my head, along with the fact that I’m very critical with how I look in pictures, so I honestly can’t thank her enough for spending so much time on taking my blog photographs. My mum has a little craft and lifestyle blog, so I sometimes help her with ideas for posts and tips on photography, but she has her own ideas and style, so I don’t get too involved with it unless she needs my help.

I love reading all about your adventures at the world-famous Victoria and Albert museum. What has been your absolute favourite part (so far!) about being an official ambassador? 

My favourite thing about being part of the young people’s collective at the V&A is just being able to work so closely with museum professionals and to actually have a say with what happens within the museum. I’ve also met some lovely, creative people since I joined and it’s always so fun to spend time together at the meetings and events we organize. Last year we curated a Fashion Festival which was such a success and at the moment we are planning another few events for the year ahead. A stand out moment of mine was attending a youth conference in India as an ambassador for London and the V&A, as it was such an amazing experience! I honestly can’t express what a beautiful place the Victoria and Albert Museum is, I definitely recommend visiting if you haven’t already.

You visit so many beautiful spots in London – Battersea park for squirrel-feeding sessions, London bridge for the most breathtaking views of the Thames.. Do you have any other special places that you’d consider sightseeing essentials for anyone visiting? 

Thank-you! I have to say that I tend to stick to visiting the same places in London, so my sightseeing recommendations are quite limited! I’m a little biased as I live in Battersea, but the park is ever so beautiful and there are some amazing charity shops and local cafes, so I would definitely recommend a trip to that part of town. Kensington and Knightsbridge are two of my other favourite places, as the Victoria and Albert Museum and Harrods are located there, plus Southbank is a pretty place to walk along the Thames.

Gosh, you have had a bunch of seriously exciting opportunities from your blog! Are there any that stand out in particular for you? 

Oh, I have had so many stand out opportunities that I don’t think I can pinpoint one or two! First of all I’m so thankful for all of the amazing blogger friends I’ve made – it’s definitely the best thing to have come from starting my blog. Last year I modelled for Miss Selfridge’s Project #3 collection which was an amazing experience as it was one of the best shoots I’ve ever had – I’ve never felt so pretty. I’ve also been featured in a quite a few magazines over the last year, with one of my favourites being a photo shoot I had with my beautiful mum and grandma for Company Magazine, showcasing how different generations style up the same item of clothing. It’s not an opportunity, but just receiving so many lovely comments and being told that with my honesty and style I have inspired others means ever so much to me. Sometimes I just can’t believe how my life has changed since I decided to write my first post all the way back in March 2010. I know I’m rambling a little here, but I don’t even want to think what my life would have been like if I didn’t start my little blog!

And of course – what’s next for Jazzabelle’s Diary in 2013? 

I’m not completely sure what’s next for me and Jazzabelle’s Diary this year, but I promise there will be plenty more outfits, some pretty locations (hopefully some a little further afield than London!), and just more details about my daily life. I hope everyone will continue to read!

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  1. Jazzabelle’s Diary has been on my ‘must read’ daily reading list for some time now.

    She comes across as really sincere as well as obvs wearing some pretty fabulous clobber!

    That top photo is stunning!

    Thanks for the interview – nice to get such an insight all in one post!


  2. mollyevans

    Jazzabelle’s blog is fab, you should take a look at TAKE COURAGE blog, Cats work is lovely…

  3. I am very proud of all that Jazmine has achieved and the opportunities which has fallen her way. Thank you for such a beautiful interview!

    Barrina xx

  4. Great feature! She’s one of my favorite bloggers! I always look forward to her post. Her down to earth approach to life and fashion is super refreshing!

  5. These interviews are so great. You ask questions that truly seem to help show off the interviewed person and help the reader to truly get to know them better.

    I’m off to check out this new-to-me blogger!


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