29th, March, 2013

What’s your favourite thing about Easter? The chocolates? The Easter bunny? Well, here is something that you will absolutely adore! The exceedingly amazing Maybelline New York have very kindly offered up TWO (!!) delicious Easter prize packs – full to the brim with – you guessed it; some of the sweest Maybelline products I’ve ever seen!

Indulge your pout with the Baby Loves Color Lip Balm in Cherry Kiss, tempt your taste buds with two different flavours from the Color Senstational Lipstick Range (Rum Riche and Mochachino) or lavish your lips with the luscious Colour Sensational ‘The Shine’ Lipstick in Luminous Cocoa.

To win one of these two packs, just answer the following questions:

What’s your go-to make up essential?

This giveaway is now closed. Big congratulations to Emma and Hilary! I’ve just sent you an email!  

72 Comments on “Maybelline New York Easter Giveaway”

  1. My go-to makeup essential would have to be Mac eyeshadows. Their range of neutral colours is fantastic & there are so many beautiful choices to choose from. Standouts would have to be All That Glitters & Naked Lunch..love!

    S xo

    • Beatrice

      maybelline master precise eyeliner, its so easy to get perfect every time!

  2. Definitely Diorshow mascara, perfect lashes all day every day!

  3. For Easter, what I’m loving atm are the pineapple lump marshmallow eggs! Also I have a giant Kinder Surprise egg waiting till Sunday. 😀

    As for make-up essential, a nice tinted moisturiser to be sunsafe and a cherry lip gloss that tastes delicious!

  4. My makeup essential is definitely my eyeliner. It gives me a nice, finished look.

    thank you so much for doing this!

  5. Has to be red lipstick! I started wearing it last year as a way to boost confidence. And now I am confident as anything but just can’t stop wearing it!!!
    Britney of Scout 😀

  6. My go to is definitely lip gloss. At the moment its a bright red strawberry one from The Body Shop. Doesnt matter if I am just going to the shops. Putting it on makes me feel a little more confident and reminds me to smile at strangers.

  7. My makeup essential would definitely have to be my coral colored lipstick! Coral is a very stylish color and most definitely matches with almost every spring color for this season. :)

  8. My makeup essential is mascara, I was told by someone years ago that they never leave the house without mascara, they can have no other makeup on but as long as they have mascara they are happy!

  9. My makeup essential is red lipstick! I have so much confidence with red lips. :)

  10. I am terrible at wearing make-up most of the time as I’m so tired when getting up stupidily early for school. My only real make-up staple is the rose-tinted vaseline which is perfect for just keeping my lips moisturised and rosy.

  11. My makeup essential is definitely mascara! It makes me feel more awake and put together :)


  12. my make-up essential would be mascara:-) i have no problem leaving the house without any make-up on, but still put on at least some mascara most days! xx

  13. My make-up essential is a good water-proof, smudge-proof black eyeliner. On those days where I want to be glamorous but can’t be asked to put in much effort, a mod 1960’s eye does the trick!

  14. My pastel lipsticks, hard to choose between lilac and pink!

  15. Great giveaway!
    My go-to essential is mascara. It just adds that little bit of pretty :)

  16. I have to say that my go to is mascara, it just makes your eyes pop!

  17. Ooh I would love to enter! I have just discovered BB Cream, oooohhh my life has been changed forever.

  18. Mascara – I wear glasses and (if I don’t have time for the whole look) I put some on and it gives my eyes that extra pop so that they stand out … it makes me look much more awake!

  19. Ooh, such a good giveaway! If truth be told, I think my makeup essential is my eyebrow pencil. I feel instantly put together when I’ve got my brows on 😉

  20. My makeup essential would definitely be a tinted lipbalm or lipstick!

  21. Grace Vaitilingam

    I am very much a novice to make-up, I barely wear any because I’m not very good at it. But lip gloss and a really good moisturiser (yes, that counts in my book) are my go-to items.

  22. My essential is my MAC concealer! If there’s no time for anything else at least I want to run around without suitcases under my eyes 😉

  23. My makeup essential is a nice pop of colour on the lips, using a lip butter or stain (both Revlon)! Thanks for this giveaway! xx

  24. becky vaal

    my makeup essential is my sugar lip scrub
    thanks becky

  25. My go- to make-up essential is mascara. I have little baby blonde lashes, so when I’m in a hurry, mascara can make quite the difference in a short amount of time! I also like to have a bold lip to spice things up.

  26. My go to make-up essential is a natural tan or taupe eyeshadow.

  27. definitely co bigelow mint lip gloss
    perfect for chapped lips + good scent + perfect gloss even over a lipstick

  28. My go to product is my Maybelline mascara. Falsies is my fav. I never leave home without mascara on. When in a rush it gives me a finished look.

  29. Kelly Mahon

    My go to makeup essential would definitely have to be Lancôme mascara and also any maybelline mascara! Gives the perfect lashes

  30. what a great Easter treat!

    Currently my makeup essential is my BB cream. Just love, love this multitasker!!!

    Happy Easter everyone!

  31. My go-to makeup essential is definitely a bright pop of lipstick because it has the ability to make yourself look ‘made up’ even when you’ve got a simple eye done!

  32. Cristine Beach

    Doll Lashes mascara by Lancôme

    Happy Easter!

  33. carina chiquito

    My go to make up essential is my revlon lip butter

  34. My makeup essential has got to be the Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow in Bronze Haze. It’s gorgeous and goes on so well that I barely have to think about it when I lazily put it on in the mornings. Absolutely love!

  35. Shelby Porter

    My go to is black mascara and a tiny bit of eyeliner. I like to keep it simple and I love the look of long eyelashes :)

  36. Jody Young

    my go to makeup essential is colored lip balm:)

  37. Blaircarol Denny

    I have the maybelline baby lips on my person at all times! I gots to have it!

  38. Ali Krueget

    Definitely primer so my makeup lasts all day.

  39. If i wore nothing else, I would wear mascara, nothing brightens a face more. My favoutire is Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp.

  40. My go to essential are the Baby Lips lip balms. I’ve purchased them all!

  41. Sarah Jones

    It’s got to be my eye crayon from Top Shop: it goes on smoothly and it’s a shimmery gold color that isn’t too gaudy. It lightens my face and makes my eyes look less tired.

  42. Marcela

    My number one make up essential is waterproof mascara, a clean face and long black lashes can’t be wrong 😉

  43. Melanie

    Baby lips! Great color, taste, and light feel

  44. Angela Beaumont

    My mascara! It is quick to apply if you’re in a hurry and instantly makes me feel pretty :-)

  45. Georgina Middleton

    Definitely Mascara! The one thing that brightens and makes me look more awake!

  46. Nathalie Santiago

    Tinted lip balm. If I accidentally leave the house without makeup, I can use it to give my cheeks a bit of color and even use it for eyeshadow.