13th, February, 2012

Scouting Jewellery at Riccarton Market!

I had such a terrific weekend! My friend, Siobhan, joined us on a visit to the local market. I woke up in an incredible mood, and with the Brady Bunch theme song in my head – yes, I know every word! It obviously transferred through to my wardrobe choices, as I wore a mustard-coloured late 1960s button down top paired with Free People velvet dungarees. After hours of gazing at the many many many stalls, I finally purchased some treasures from a woman selling her collection of costume jewellery. I picked up an umbrella brooch, and a genuine 60s Formica-esque bracelet with deer shaped pendants. I’ll definitely be paying the woman several visits in the future; she had so many goodies!

32 Comments on “Markets & Mustard”

  1. You look so cute…I was wondering how you weren’t FREEZING and then realised you live in New Zealand and not the UK! Haha.

  2. You are looking like a dream as usual <3 I absolutely love the Brad Bunch, the costume are incredibly (Cindy's being my very favourite) That dogs outfit is adorable! x

  3. Ooooh blue hat…blue hat!! Love your hat sooo much! And cobalt blue + mustard is my kind of Valentine’s love combo :) Looks like a lovely day at the market, great photos too x

  4. It is all so lovely!! I can’t get over your hat!! And mustard looks fabulous on you!

    Can’t wait to see you sporting your new pins :)

  5. jo,
    you seriously always have some of the best photos/posts.
    i always enjoy your blog so much. 😉
    have a wonderful weekend..


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