10th, July, 2014


So here’s a little thing about me: I am obsessed with flowers. My week (or weekend, at least!) revolves around the Sunday market – and the fresh blooms that will be on offer. The obsession has gotten so intense that I usually have trouble sleeping on a Saturday, as I’m so eager to be one of the early market goers – and snag the best flowers too, of course! The market is a massive part of my life – I’ve literally been there every Sunday for the past six months! I didn’t want to keep it a secret from you, as it genuinely makes me so happy. So here you go: a little glimpse into where I buy my flowers! I usually post several (hundred) pictures of market flowers on my Instagram, so definitely have a look if fresh blooms are your thing!

I dressed in a daisy print dress – which seems highly appropriate when buying fresh flowers, don’t you think? My grey coat, which is slowly but surely becoming a Winter staple, is by Sheinside, and my red ballet flats are by Coco Rose London. …And my flowers are by the lovely lady (and her cute pup!) that are wonderfully charming no matter what the Sunday weather is like. Thanks, you two!

Wellington Market

Corner of Cable St & Barnett St (beside Te Papa) 

7:30 – 2pm



10 Comments on “Market Day”

  1. I would looove to have a local flower market, but alas your photos will have to suffice. 😉 The combo of your dress and coat is perfect!

  2. I love these market snaps- SO gorgeous! I used to buy myself fresh flowers every weekend, but unfortunately, I now have two cats who will either eat them or knock them over. I’ll just go ahead and live vicariously through you :)

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  3. You look so lovely. Your red shoes even matches the red flowers! Your daisy print dress is really cute. I can’t wait to live in a city next year so I can visit the flower markets on the weekends! xxx


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