8th, November, 2012

Dreaming of Daisies..!

Do you have one of those ‘lists’ in your head of clothing that you simply long to find? I hope it’s not too bizarre – as I have a list, and it is certainly ever-growing! I’ve collected a bunch of beautiful vintage that I never once thought I’d find (including a vintage nurse cape and a peach leather suit!) but a ballerina inspired dress has always seemed to evade me. In the past, I’ve stumbled upon 1920s silk slips, which almost did the trick – but they weren’t quite what I was after. Not too long ago, when we visited Auckland city, I also happened to do a tiny bit of thrifting. I popped into one vintage store – yes, only one (!) and spotted a neglected peach-coloured silk dress wedged in between oodles of pink clothing. When I pulled it out to have a look, it was love. The scoop back and tie up detail literally had me swooning. I’ll admit, I got a little excited when I saw it was Marc Jacobs too. Best of all? It cost $40. I was one happy customer.

Incidentally, I actually ended up wearing this dress to a wedding that we went to the other weekend. We didn’t manage to take any photographs at the time (I was frantically rushing around hunting for eye liner!) so I happily obliged to wear it again today, just to show it off. We brought our Halina Prefect camera – the ‘look down’ as I lovingly call it – to snap a bunch of sunny day photographs. I made sure to stay as close to the daisy clusters as possible – an ode to the infamous Daisy by Marc Jacobs – which has just been added to my Christmas wishlist, after recently finishing off the last of my perfume. After miserable weather – and without any form of heating (!) it sure is refreshing to see the sun shining again. I’m taking as many photographs as possible – I just love to remember the feeling of a new season just beginning.

P.s. This dress has me hooked! I’m longing to rent a gown – for a spot of dressing up just for fun, you know!

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  1. Ahh this makes me long for spring so much! You look absolutely lovely in that dress :) I don’t think those lists are bizarre. At least, I have a never ending one so. It’s pretty much always searching and never finding, haha. :)

    • Hooray, I’m so glad you have one too! Just hang in there – vintage treasures show up when you least expect it ; ) x

    • I have a Paulette too! Barnaby has the Prefect, the Paulette is mine : ) The Halina sticker has fallen off mine though – whoops! x

  2. you look amazing in these photos & the dress is stunning! the light pink color and the low cut front & back are both amazing. plus, you always have the most amazing photos!


    xo. c & v
    cake & valley


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